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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Broken write and read cache in the storage. There are disks but writes that there is no cache and the disk is not available. Tried it in ubuntu: root@ubuntu:/home/root# mdadm -D /dev/md2 /dev/md2: Version : 1.2 Creation Time : Tue Dec 8 23:15:41 2020 Raid Level : raid5 Array Size : 7794770176 (7433.67 GiB 7981.84 GB) Used Dev Size : 1948692544 (1858.42 GiB 1995.46 GB) Raid Devices : 5 Total Devices : 5 Persistence : Superblock is persistent Update Time : Tue Jun 22 22:16:38 2021 State : c
  2. Hello! This is a short guide about how to downgrade from DSM 6.2 to DSM 6.1 after a failed upgrade. I made this mistake myself, so i'm sharing how to fix it! Your going to need a spare HDD or SSD. Make sure there is nothing on it. You've installed DSM before, so you should have your synoboot.img from JunsLoader. Your current bootloader on your USB in now NONFUNCTIONING, you will need to reflash your USB with JunsLoader. Once you have your new, reflashed USB stick, unplug ALL drives from the motherboard. Make sure there are NO SATA interfaces connected.
  3. Hi I've been running DSM 5.2 happily on my HP Gen8 for a few years It contains 2 WD Red drives as JBOB (no raid) Well yesterday Volume 1 crashed - I've managed to recover my data (pix etc) So that disc needs to come out but I'm wondering if I swap out the other one (3tb) and replace with 2 x 4tb ones running as RAID 1 for integrity I figured it would be a excuse to finally upgrade to dsm6.2 while I'm at it (pretty much start again as a new install) BUT here is my main stress - all the multimedia apps that are installed are installed on the crashed
  4. Hi, My DS1515+ is dead (intel C2538 bug) since one month, i'm waiting the RMA from my reseller's since Synology doesn't take rma directly... My 5 disks (shr1) are OK and i'm wondering if i can recover my data using xpenology rather than ubuntu's method. I can't remember wich dsm version was installed on the DS1515+ (probably 6.x). Thanks.