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Found 4 results

  1. can't boot, kernel booting waiting...

    Hi, My NAS was working very well for 1 year (6.01) and recently from 3 weeks ago (last reset). I did lost connection so I forced a hard reset. When I see what happens on a Monitor I can see that the systems stops on "booting kernel..." and nothing happens more about this screen. I tried to alternate and plug or disconnect some of the 2 HDDS I have (one of them with xpenology), nothing... I thought it was corrupt boot pendrive, so I tried to make a newer one (now with 1.0b2) and nothing. I also have booted with Ubuntu live and it can see HDDs, but obviously I need to use more tools for accesing that. I can't boot Can you help me to know what is hapenning here? Thanks!
  2. Hi folks! I'm Babiz from Dolomiti. Working about IT consulence in my land, yes I'm a classic nerd Fan of technologi at all. I just to try awesome XPEnology stuffs. Very nice, I installed over my test pc (atom quad core@1.66ghz with 1gb of ram) It works very smooth and I'm happy to see it works. Now I ask for possible "integration" of XFS filesystem & XPEnology, because I have another OpenMediaVault nas with four 3tb hdd formatted under XFS and pretty near out of free space and I will to migrate without messing up my storage layout- So I found a "XFS how-to" explain to adding XFS module (for DS212) trought synology toolchain, link below: Well my question is if this is applicable to current XPEnoboot and at the end if I can mounting XFS volumes hassle-free. Because I'm newer to XPEnology world, I need anyone point me to any how-to links or proof of concept needed to make this magic lol. Thanks in advance for all guys will reply to me. Goodbye.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to add virtio support in DSM_DS3615xs_15152.pat virtio_console.ko is required to run qemu-ga in PROXMOX's Xpenology virtual machine. However to build virtio_console.ko , HVC driver must be built in kernel: Symbol: HVC_DRIVER [=y] │ Type : boolean │ Defined at drivers/tty/hvc/Kconfig:3 │ Depends on: TTY [=y] │ Selected by: VIRTIO_CONSOLE [=m] && VIRTIO [=m] && TTY [=y] || ... According to this how2 i was trying to replace kernel zImage. 1 - untar .pat 2 - replace zImage with compiled bzImage 3 - calculate new checksum.syno ./synochecksum-emu1 VERSION zImage updater GRUB_VER rd.gz grub_cksum.syno H2OFFT-Lx64 bios.ROM isfl_drv_x64.ko isfl_drv_x64_3_2_40.ko lfdd_drv.ko lfdd_drv_3_2_40.ko platform.ini stage2 SynoBootLoader.efi hda1.tgz indexdb.txz synohdpack_img.txz packages/USBCopy-x86_64-2.0.3-0037.spk packages/SynologyUniversalSearch-x86_64-1.0.4-0118.spk packages/FileStation-x86_64-1.1.1-0099.spk texts/chs/strings texts/cht/strings texts/csy/strings texts/dan/strings texts/enu/strings texts/fre/strings texts/ger/strings texts/hun/strings texts/ita/strings texts/jpn/strings texts/krn/strings texts/nld/strings texts/nor/strings texts/plk/strings texts/ptb/strings texts/ptg/strings texts/rus/strings texts/spn/strings texts/sve/strings texts/trk/strings >checksum.syno 4 - tar to DSM_DS3615xs_15152.pat But installation this .pat failed. PS. Sorry for my English...
  4. Kernel building

    I uses windows 10 bash and download the source and tool chains and used old guides and drivers compiling as reference and compiled my own kernel with better cpu support for my 12 core cpu (E5-2695 v2 sandy bride) and then i took the bzimage and renamed it to zimage and use osfmount to copy over the org zimage but it did not boot (it booted normally with the org zimage file) I could use some pointers on how or what to do next. (please don't mention how powerful that cpu is and what i would use it for)