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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, So I built a new setup and 2 disks are giving me Drive Re-Connection all the time. Then for some odd reason i lost the 1 Drive. Changed the Cable and added it back and it was online. The issue i do not get is that it happens now and then do my 8TB WD RED PRO and Samsung SSD. How do i stop this or is this just a bad SATA Cable ? Thanks
  2. Hi All, So I moved to a 918+ and the System is working to a point just now I got a Improper Shutdown of the unit. I have an SanDisk 32GB USB. What I want to know what should I use as when I checked the USB is getting a bit hot. Can I move the bootup files to a M.2 or SSD and use the rest of the disk for Data or better to keep it on an USB. Thanks in advanced.
  3. I'm Japanese and I'm not confident in my English. Therefore, this topic has been translated using DeepL. Original Specification Basic PC Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz ⇩ Specifications after the change Basic PC Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1245 v3 CPU @ 3.40 GHz I replaced the CPU to increase the specs of the NAS. However, after replacing the CPU, the OS did not boot. Condition The message "Happy hacking" is displayed and then blacked out. After that, I opened Web GUI with Chrome and tried whether it was possible to connect, but it timed out. When I checked the NIC, I found that both the LED indicators were not shining and were not linked up. When it returned to the original CPU, it started normally. What on earth could be the cause of this?
  4. Hi, I hope that this is just a temporary thing, I wanted to install XPEnology on a new server but i cannot get any of the links to work for XPEnoboot. I am just getting a Cloudflare error page saying the download server could not be contacted. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Guys, I have just bought a TerraMaster F2-220 NAS and installed Xpenology v6.1.3 and most features work, but a few are still lacking and I would like to know if they can be solved. 1) A quick press on the power button doesn't turn off the NAS unit (soft shutdown), only if I hold it for a few seconds (hard shutdown). 2) The LAN LED is not lit up and the HDs LEDs are lit red all the time even if the HDs are not plugged in. 3) The hard-drive doesn't seem to hibernate (even though the function is enabled). 4) Case fan doesn't seem to fully shutdown nor speed up in case necessary. Do you guys know if there are ways to solve the issues above? Is there a loader based on the Synology DS218+ (hardware very similar to my TerraMaster F2-220)? Thank you.
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