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Found 4 results

  1. Ситуация такая, есть рабочая папка, которую нужно бекапить каждые полчаса (очень активный проект), сейчас весит примерно 250 ГБ, лежит на отдельном диске на 500 ГБ, поэтому настроено две операции ежечасного бекапа с разбежкой в полчаса.. Бекапы делаются на отдельный диск в 2 ТБ, сейчас hyper backup ругается что нет места на целевом диске, хотя на нем свободно 1,1 ТБ, а бекапы весят 385 и 310 ГБ каждый (немного по разному настроена ротация копий). Подскажите что можно сделать? По тому что показывает диск менеджер никаких проблем быть не должно... Сейчас запустил дефрагментацию,
  2. I've got an HP 8300 running bare metal DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 using Jun's 1.03b loader with three disks in RAID 5. Constant uptime is less important than total storage space, which is why I'd like to change to RAID 0. I've decided that I don't need the redundancy since I have a weekly backup I make to a single USB drive using Hyperbackup and keep in a separate building. In the Hyperbackup task, I have selected every shared folder, application and service I can for backup. I've also backed up the configuration file via the Control Panel. Is the best way to do this to E
  3. I have an issue where no backups via HyperBackup at a scheduled time, If I click Backup Now the task completes with no error, it just wont start on its own... For example I scheduled one for 12:15 in HyperBackup and in system log no error is displayed and it still has the green tick but just displays the next backup schedule time. (Skips the backup) I have done alot of searching and found in the root of the system under /var/log/synoscheduler.log below is an entry from my failed task. I have tried deleting all backup tasks, backing up to another location. Also trie
  4. My Xpenology box is running a single volume (/volume 1) using the BTRFS system which, I understand, supports COW (copy-on-write), such that hyper backup can store multiple versions of files without duplication. Also, I have verified, via PUTTY, that the 'cp --reflink' command is available on my system (DSM 6.1.3-15152-update 5), an essential element for the COW facility utilised by Hyper Backup (which I am also using). Elsewhere, I have seen multiple users complain about file duplication created by Photo Station as it copies files to the '/photo' folder from other location on the system