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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Does anyone can advise to me if I can copy (rsync) entire volume data (not the one where package are installed) from xpenology nas1 volume2 to nas2 volume2 ? I seen a lot of @eaDir and @DS_Store folder into my nas1 volume2 and I don't know the bad issue possibility if I copy too these ones to the other nas. Any advise here ?
  2. DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 Server has operated fine for couple of years. But I notice that I have to toggle off/on the FILE SERVICES (Windows SMB, WebDAV are the ones I need) off and back on again after EVERY BOOT UP. Only then do Windows and WebDAV shares function. I otherwise have full access to the server (ie. webGUI, SSH) and the server is active on the LAN. I have full root SSH terminal and WinSCP access. Is there a methodical process to follow so I can review LOGS etc and determine WHY and rectify the non-start of these services
  3. ds3615에서 쓰던 HDD를 가지고 있습니다. 새로 918+를 j4105 보드에 설치한 후 (여기에는 새로운 하드를 붙혔습니다. ) ds3615에서 쓰던 hdd를 usb로 연결해서 기존 자료를 백업하려고 하는데 외부장치의 usb로 가면 파일 시스템이 지원하지 않음으로 나옵니다. 윈도우에 연결해 보면 메인 파티션이 raw로 나옵니다. (ext2fsd 사용) 하드가 고장났다 해서 새로 설치한 918+의 HDD를 떼서 윈도우에 붙혀봐도 동일하게 메인 파티션이 raw로 나옵니다. 이 raw 파티션에 중요한 데이터들이 다 들어 있는데 혹시 살릴 수 있는 방법이 없을까요?
  4. Hi folks! I'm Babiz from Dolomiti. Working about IT consulence in my land, yes I'm a classic nerd Fan of technologi at all. I just to try awesome XPEnology stuffs. Very nice, I installed over my test pc (atom quad core@1.66ghz with 1gb of ram) It works very smooth and I'm happy to see it works. Now I ask for possible "integration" of XFS filesystem & XPEnology, because I have another OpenMediaVault nas with four 3tb hdd formatted under XFS and pretty near out of free space and I will to migrate without messing up my storage layout- So I found a "XFS how-to"