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Found 5 results

  1. Для создание корректного образа воспользуйтесь инструкциями: Советую перед созданием удалить все разделы на флешке и таблицы для получения корректного образа флешки! Ниже на картинке показаны корректные разделы для дальнейшей переделки флешки в гибридную. Узнать VID и PID флешки Правка образа для флешки Я использовал набор Xpenology_Tool_V142 - ссылку брал на данном форуме: В наборе есть все программы описанные в инструкциях выше. Создание гибридной флешки:
  2. This FAQ is set up to answer questions that are commonly asked! 1 - Where can I download the boot loaders from and which Synology hardware platform should I use? 2 - Is there any tutorial on how to install/upgrade DSM? 3 - How can I use SHR in DSM? 4 - How many drives can I use? 5 - Can I boot from an HDD not USB 6 - Do I need a serial port connection 7 - After the Grub boot menu, my monitor shows a message 'booting from kernel' and nothing else - whats wrong? 8 - Do I need a keyboard and monitor attached all the time? 9 - How should I set DSM automatic updates? 10 - What MAC address should I use in the grub configuration settings? 11 - The HDD slot numbers in Storage Manager do not match the ports on my disk controller - why? 12 - How can I regain high amounts of reserved memory when looking in DSM's Resource Monitor? 13 - I need/want to reinstall DSM. I am worried about my data. What should I do? 14 - What is the minimum VMDK size one can have in DSM? 15 - What is RAIDF1 and why would I want to use it? Credits go to @sbv3000 for redacting most of the FAQs
  3. This FAQ is set up to answer questions that are commonly asked! 1 - What is XPEnology? 2 - Is it legal to use? 3 - What about using Synology QuickConnect and other Synology based services? 4 - Why does Resource Manager show I have a dual core i3 processor or something else? 5 - How do I access my NAS over the Internet? 6 - What are the serial port settings for a terminal connection with Jun's loader? 7 - Where do I report if an update is working or not? 8 - What is the bootloader for, and where is DSM saved when I install it on my machine? How much space does it take? 9 - How do I reset DSM remotely without loosing my data? 10 - What is the relation between DSM updates and the loader? Credits go to @sbv3000 for redacting most of the FAQs
  4. This FAQ is set up to answer questions that are commonly asked! 1 - What motherboard/PC/CPU can I use? 2 - What about other components like add on disk controllers and network cards? 3 - Can I use a Hypervisor/Virtualisation? 4 - Is there an HCL I can check for compatibility? 5 - My HP P410 disk controller (or other Disk/RAID controller) on my bare metal installation is not showing any drives connected? 6 - Why is my 8 port SATA controller only showing 4 disks attached on DSM? Credits go to @sbv3000 for redacting most of the FAQs
  5. Il est fortement conseillé de lire les FAQs avant d'entamer quoi que se soit. Les FAQs sont actuellement en anglais. Si quelqu'un se sent de les traduire (en bon français) merci de me contacter en PM. https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/83-faq/
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