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  1. Hello~! This is a topic I have been writing for a long time since I wrote the ch_cpuinfo topic. I am xpenology user. And I am an IT engineer who creates shell scripts as hobbies. Please understand that it is written by a google translate site. because i’m korean who is not fluent in English. I created a tool to help make building Tinycore + Redpill boot images easier. Requirement ============================================================= VM SATA Controller Config # Case1. New Create VM Create SATA controller 2ea SATA Controller 0:0 -> DATA Disk Iamge SATA Controller 1:0 -> Tinycore Disk Image # Case2. Already Use VM Add to SATA Controller 1ea AS-IS TO-BE SATA Controller 0 (0:0) -> Tinycore Disk Image SATA Controller 0 (0:1) -> DATA Disk Iamge SATA Controller 0 (0:0) -> DATA Disk Iamge SATA Controller 1 (1:0) -> Tinycore Disk Image Change to Bios Boot Squence # Case3. Use VMWare Paravirtual Create SATA Controller 1ea, SCIS Controller 1ea SATA Controller 0:0 -> Tinycore Disk Image SCSI Controller 0:0 -> DATA Disk Iamge After setting to all case an error occurs when entering Tinycore. enter 'e' Edit GRUB menu change to enter 'F10' Continue Tinycore booting. If you set up VM like this and proceed, Data Disk will be defined as drive 1 in the DSM storage later. (In case of SCSI, define from drive 2) Howto Run ============================================================= 1. Download attached file on your PC (tr_st.tar) or See the source page on github -> http://github.com/FOXBI/tr_st 2. Start up your Tinycore and upload it. (using sftp....) Alternatively, you can paste the source directly from the shell. 3. Connect to ssh by tc account. 4. Switch user to root: Progress as tc user. 5. Edit user_config.json Serial, MAC, Sataportmap, diskidxmap etc... recommand value.. Only use SATA Use SATA + SCSI "SataPortMap": "9", "DiskIdxMap": "0" "SasIdxMap": "0", "SataPortMap": "1", "DiskIdxMap": "0" 6. Check Directory location # pwd /home/tc 7. Decompress file & check file: # tar xvf tr_st.tar # ls -lrt # chmod 755 tr_st.sh (check root’s run auth) 8. Run to Source file # ./tr_st.sh When you execute it, proceed according to the description that is output. After reboot you install DSM keep going Excute Progress ============================================================= Follow the instructions to install (DS3622xs+ example) made a video of the setup process. How to Run tr_st v2.9.0-r02 7.1-42661 NEW Install 7.1-42661 Upgrade & Migration 1. To update the script after first execution, press y to proceed. 2. Choose how to proceed.(add 7.1.0-42621 install progress) select n -> normal progress select y -> 7.1.0-42621 progress 3. repository clean, and choose Model name If you choose y proceed the old method, if you choose n proceed the new way. 4. choose DSM Version In the case of the existing method, the DSM version proceeds after selecting the platform. 5. choose platform for repository download The new method automatically finds the platform and proceeds. The old method selects the DSM version after selecting the Platform. normal progress if you select 7.1.0-42621 progress, guide in red letters. 6. Modify the boot order configuration file and change the GRUB order SATA to be the first 7. It is provided for installing additional drivers. When you no longer need it, just press n. extension driver to be multi-selectable (ex> 57,13,14,10) 8. redpill is built according to the model name and platform DSM version through the selected value. New script update questions must be skipped by pressing N. 9. You can see that GRUB and (hd0 -> hd1) boot order have been changed so that SATA goes first. and Backup config 10 Completed Rebooting Finally, Publish the source through github(https://github.com/FOXBI/tr_st) Please contact me by comment or bug report, i’ll respond to you as much as possible within my ability. Update new version 2.9.0-r01 - Changed to allow automatic pre-download of *.pat files with the changed link for version 42661, 42661-1 - Reflects the change so that rploader builds version 42661 at once (reduces build time) Update new version 2.9.0-r02 - Fixed an error related to the previous version 42218 installation ============================================= Download links: tr_st.tar ============================================= Thank you!! Have a nice day!!
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