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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like to be able to get this hardware to work with xpenology, especially since the motherboard supports 8 sata ports. Mainboard: Asrock FM2A88M Extreme4 + CPU: AMD A8 5500 RAM: Gskill 8gb (4x2) HDD: 4x4tb WD Red I tried to boot the system from usb with various bootloader configurations, the only ones that can boot by letting me access the installation are "Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3617xs" (DSM 6.2), "XPEnology_DSM_6.1.x-quicknick-3.0.zip" (DSM 6.1) and I also tried "DS3615xs 6.02 Jun's Mod V1.0" Both 6.1 and 6.02 then do not finalize the installation by telling me that the * .pat file is corrupt (although I have tried several times to download it from the synology site) So the only one that brings me the installation on the HDD is "Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3617xs" but here the strange problems start, the system says it will restart in 10 minutes, the pc actually restarts but from that point on then I no longer see the PC in my network and therefore Synology Assistant cannot find it, I don't know what to try to solve. Someone can help me out, thanks Andrew
  2. Hallo, ich versuche schon seit Stunden Xpenology auf meinem NAS zu installieren. Leider komme ich nicht weiter. Habe den Bootstick erstellt, das hat glaube ich auch alles funktioniert. Leider kann ich nach dem Booten das NAS nicht im Netzwerk finden finden. Habe schon alle Loader durchprobiert. Habe das Asrock h410m-itx mit einem Pentium G6400. Welche DSM bzw. welchen Loader sollte ich nutzen? Mir kommt es so vor, als wenn die Netzwerkarte nicht erkannt wird?
  3. Hello Guys, I've recently installed DS918+ on ESXi 6.7, but i have problems with passthrough. I have Asrock J3455-ITX board which have builed in second sata controller (Asmedia). For storage I'm using two 8TB WD drives that were took out of MyBook external drives. I set Asmedia controller to be passthrough to VM with DSM, but once I create Volume on RAID1 pool, I start getting write errors on drives. I tried also external PCIE-X sata controller on Marvell chipset and got the same issue. Errors starts to appear once I'm writing to drives. Issue does not appear once drives are RDMs. Below is a screenshot for reference. Some text is in Polish, but you get the idea Did some one of you has some simmilar issues of know what can be the reason of this
  4. Ich habe ein ASRock J4205-ITX. Läuft traumhaft unter 6.1 als 916, möchte gern die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit erhöhen und nicht auf den Hardwareencoder verzichten, deshalb habe ich mir eine 5GbE zugelegt (auf das Board passt keine 10GbE) und versuche jetzt 6.2 als 918+ zum laufen zu bekommen. Mit dem Loader 1.03a2 klappt das auch problemlos, sobald ich aber die Original-extra.lzma austausche, bootet die NAS zwar, wird aber nicht mehr im LAN gefunden. (taucht nicht im Router auf) Switche ich wieder auf die original extra.lzma, bootet die NAS und bekommt auch eine IP. Ich verwende diese Extras (welche leider nicht funktionieren): https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/12859-driver-extension-jun-103a2dsm62x-for-ds918/ Hat jemand ein ähnliches Board mit einer anderen "extra.lzma" am laufen? Vielleicht eine funktionierende Konfiguration als Image?
  5. Hello everybody, I use Synology NAS for some time now (around 5 years?) when my work place decided to purchase some to store some trials data. Since them I was always interested in having one, but the price was kinda of prohibitive (considering a home use). Some weeks ago my job gave me some "old" computers and I decided to play with it, so I could see what DSM would offer for my needs and I really enjoyed! So I decided to move forward and build my own, with some nicer specs, to be future proof (for the next 5-6 years or so). This is the list that I came after doing some research: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/smKhtg I was able to get the WD Reds for $100 a piece in addition to an lightly used PSU that it`s modular. Would you guys suggest replacing any of the parts to cheaper or better function ones? I like this MOBO due to the fact that is has 2 gb ethernet ports and 6 sata III connectors. I tried to get some new hardware, but on the "cheap" side, that would be reliable for some years down the road. My main use would be similar to a lot of users: Plex as media server, computer backups, pictures backup, personal cloud to access out of home. Thanks for the help!
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