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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm running NUTS with my virtual Synology running on vMWare ESXI 6.7 A few months ago, I started to work with the loader on a HP ML350 G5 server. It was brilliant. I've added multiple volumes, one from the SAS 2.5 RAID bay and some other volumes from regular SATA HDD connected directly on the mainboard. It was working fine. I was able to make some backups on the basic volumes. I started the server a few weeks later and I was able to backup again. But yesterday, after a few months with the server shut down, I needed to do another backup. So I booted up the server, and connected another 2TB SATA drive to the mainboard. It didn't work well. I struggled with creating the storage pool. When the storage pool creation start, the web interface shows 'please wait' then the web interface goes down. I have to remove the virtual disk directly from ESXI, then I can refresh the page and the Synology is again available. WTF, it was working fine a few month before, without any updates. When I stop the server and boot it up, it doesn't work. No ping. I have to force to shut down, remove the virtual disk of the VM in ESXI. Then it works perfectly, but of course without the storage pool. So I tried to restore a backup of the VM, same problem. I'm not able to configure ANY storage pool! It always take down the server. When I get back in the interface, there's always an error saying System failed to create [Storage Pool 1](Device Type is [Basic]) with disk drive X I really don't understand what's happening. IT WAS WORKING fine for weeks!! What the hell has gone wrong ? I had 4 different volumes mounted, and now I can't even get 1. I don't remember exactly which mod I have used, all I know is that "this mod is brought to you by Jun" Hope we can find out a solution! Best regards!
  2. Hello, Did some of you found how to get the DSM (6.2.2+) restart and shutdown functions to work correctly? Is there something related to BIOS version(s) or settings? Or the issue is in the DSM software itself? I've updated successfully to 6.2.2-24922-3 on bare-metal systems (both with 1.03b bootloader & DS3615xs and additional HP NC365T Quad Gigabit Intel NIC): HP Microserver G8 with latest BIOS (04/2019). Tried No C-States setting at CPU power management, but behavior is the same HP Microserver G7 N54L with modded BIOS 041 (2013, Kamzata version). I've tried ACPI 1.0/2.0/3.0 with no success. C1E and PCI-E power management were already disabled (no worky without them disabled) I've seen many users with successful bare-metal updates and wanted to ask if anybody knows more about the shutdown/restart issue... Thanks, Chris
  3. Hallo, erst einmal zur Vorstellung meines Servers: H370m-itx - i5-8400 8GB RAM 6xWD Red 3TB Raid 5 AQ107C von ASUS (Aquantia 10G NIC) Intel 211 und 219 NIC (219V nicht betriebsbereit) Läuft super und gut mit der 6.1.7 unter Zuhilfenahme von Loader 1.02b mit extra.lzma (AQ107 dann funktional) als DS3617xs Nun zum Problem: Sobald ich Loader 1.03b oder 1.04b (1.03b dann als 3617xs, 1.04b als 918+) einrichte und booten will als Test-Setup, kann ich nur booten, wenn ich keine extra.lzma austausche, aber dann funktioniert meine Asus 10G NIC nicht. Ich würde gerne auf 6.2.2 gehen und auch SSD Cache nutzen, daher am Liebsten 918+ Nur brauche ich auch die 10G NIC unbedingt. Da er mit der originalen lzma bootet würde ich schätzen er mag diese nicht, kann ich das verifizieren? Kann ich Abhilfe schaffen und trotzdem 1.03b oder 1.04b nutzen bei 6.2.2 und funktionierender 10G NIC??? Danke für jeglichen Input dazu.