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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have install DSM on my Qnap TS559 pro+, all work without problem except the hibernation. I have the problem with 6.2.3 and I have downgrade to 6.2.2 but same problem. Anyone know how can I resolve the problem ?
  2. Hello, First, Sorry about my English. I did install the Xpenology DSM 6.2 version on my Qnap TS-251. Of course, Native install. Not qnap virtualization station. Anyone ever installed Xpenology like this? and Did you have same problem? Last month, I took the TS-251 from my drawer. Because, The QTS (Qnap system) seemed to do periodic indexing on the HDD...some noise of HDD... and I used the Synology NAS in my company. So, I prefer the Synology DSM. So, I installed Xpenology on my TS-251.(DSM version 6.2 DS918+) Yes, It's not difficult. Perfect inst
  3. Hi, I am currently working with my Qnap TS-451+. And the problem is that i cant get the 916+ loader to work. The only loader who is working is the DS3617xs . Any idea how i can get the 916+ loader to work ? I mean it loads the 916+ on 6.1.4 the problem is, that after during the configuration process in the webinterface, it does not start up. (and yes, it boots from the USB) thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys I know this is a very exotic task but I wanted to know if someone has successfully exported Xpenology from VMware Workstation and imported it into Qnap Virtualization Station. I tried now a lot of different settings, for example as .OFV (never worked) and as VMX (VM started but hung on a certain point, I was never able to connect to it). Is there any chance I can get this to work? I know there is a way to run Xpenology on a QNAP NAS by a bootable USB stick but the solution I am looking for is to run it in QNAPs Virtualization Station. My NAS type is QNAP TS-453
  5. I got the Qnap TS-853A running with Jun's loader, everything runs flawlessly, including all 4 LAN ports, USB, except HDMI (no framebuffer just like all other machines with jun's loader) and karaoke board. I have a weird configuration issue - as you can see in my attached image, all my Disks are accounted for (8) but they are slotted in a weird spacing manner (although they are in sequence). Before editing /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf, the last disk (disk #8 physically, in the diagram it's the last disk) was not shown up in Storage Manager. I managed to edit the file and