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  1. DarkNAS

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I am receiving the wizard error on the Synology web page where you load the file onto the device. It will boot to around 47-52% stall and have the error.
  2. DarkNAS

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    So I have been trying to install Xpenology using: DSM Platform: DS3617xs DSM Vesion 6.2.0 to 6.2.3 Jun's Loader: 1.03b I have used multiple PAT files including all available from 6.2.0 thru 6.2.3 and all have failed with most having the following error, Wizard: err_patch (13) I had one or two fail with the error Wizard: error_version (10). Any help would be greatly appreciated. My hardware is as follows: SUPERMICRO MBD-A1SRi-2758F-O Mini ITX Server Motherboard DDR3 1600/1333 Kingston 32GB 20
  3. I think I finally figured something out... My ASUS router does not like being told what to do by other stuff. I configured all the port forwarding on the router side of things and not on my Xpeno box and everything is working how I want it to now. I can even login with my remote credentials when at home.
  4. So I have successfully gained access internally... but no matter what I do I can not access my box away from my network on the DS Photo app specifically. If I use DS file remotely it goes right away. I must have something switched wrong somewhere I just don't know where. Please help...
  5. I would love to set up quick connect but from what I have read here on the forums it is not really supported. I am trying to figure out why the port forwarding method isn't working. I have setup a No-IP.com DDNS and used the provided settings but I am still unable to connect to my box remotely through these settings. My perfect scenario would be to connect thru the DDNS settings both internally and externally to have one login needed to access the required apps and data at home and away. My ASUS router supports this feature and is setup to handle it but I would like to know what I
  6. I would like to know what setting I am missing or what I am not doing right with this app and uploading my files from my mobile devices... If I set the login credentials as follows: Address or QuickConnect ID: Empty for guest: admin Password: XXXX HTTPS is off I can access the app and the photo backup option works with no issues at all. If I change the login credentials as follows: Address or QuickConnect ID: 98.194.XXX.XXX Empty for guest: admin Password: XXXX HTTPS is off I can not access the app at all either internally or extern
  7. I have a Dlink DGS-1100-08 switch that I was attempting to use but it has never been easy. It is a "Smart Switch" but it has limited smart capabilities. I think it will be a while before I get to try to use the switch again as I haven't even fully fixed the initial router issue yet. It was mostly an issue I had that I never got any answers to. So thank you for the insight but at this point I will stick to the router and try to get it functioning the way I want it to. Furthermore I am not sure the hassle of trying to bond or make a Link Aggregation setup work would be worth the ex
  8. As another unanswered question... Is it possible to place all of my network equipment behind a switch and still somehow manage and access the DSM box remotely and also while on the network? I had intentions of running some sort of network bonding setup or maybe a link aggregation setup but whenever I try to connect just one port of the xpenology box to the switch I can not find it on my network at all. Thanks again for the help
  9. I see this is a way to edit the host file on a Mac as in OSX but what would be done about wireless devices? Sorry to be so much trouble but I would love for this machine to be up and running
  10. I guess that answers my question on setting up the router. Easiest answer is to get a different brand because the only workaround is for PC which I do not have.
  11. Well my older Netgear WND3700v2 is recognized by DSM and the DSM configuration wizard will write the port forwarding to the Netgear. That would be all I would want for compatibility. As for the Nat Loopback I cant find anything in the router settings that shows support for that feature
  12. OK that seems to be the problem. Is there a list of routers somewhere the play nice with DSM and also support the NAT Loopback feature?
  13. Ok so I have basic access at home and away using my phone via wifi or4G.. I have a lot of settings to go through now for each application to work how I want which is fine. Is there a method or specific hardware to use so that I can login both at home and away using the same address so I don't have to setup to addresses for each app I intend to use?
  14. Yes in DSM it shows a connection of NORMAL... However when I try to connect via one of the apps it basically times out... I had it working once but now all I get is errors. When I had it working it would not work with the same address both at home on network and away on another network... That would be great if i could get it to work that way. Thanks for the help