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  1. Thanks, "root" worked. After installing the drivers, only notice the internal USB flash drive now appears as external Sata drive. The following settings still can't get them to work: 1. Wake on LAN 2. Auto Power up after a power failure Yesterday one of my HD in the raid crashed (a power failure?) and the DSM repaired it for the night and now the RAID is back in action, so at least this part worked fine How to check whether the HDD have been properly put to sleep? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, did that and login, while I am try to do copying it gave me “Permission denied” error message, what's wrong?
  3. Thanks for the info. what port to use? default is port 22, but I can't connect using this one.
  4. I got DSM 4.2 (nighthawk) runing on my N54L. But I haven't install the "modules" (the ko files) onto it yet. I got a couple of questions: 1. Do I have to install those modules? 2. If so, how to install them? I am a Windows/Mac person Many thanks,
  5. This is a great forum! I am using HP N40L and N36L, with Areca ARC-1120 Raid card. Does the DSM4.2 support ARC-1120 directly? If not, can someone kindly show me how to add the ARECA raid support? I am new to Linux, where can I find some simple guide (step by step if possible)? Many thanks for your help, I will share the new built once it's done. DM
  6. 我用的是HP N40L 和 N36L。用的是建邦ARC-1120 的阵列卡。 DSM4.2是不是不直接支持ARC-1120 的阵列卡? 如果不直接支持,想请教一下如何加装Areca raid的驱动?我对Linux不是很熟,哪里有比较清楚的教程? 谢谢帮忙,我做完后可以发上来给大家分享。