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    Upgrade of DSM versions

    Sorry ... Confused my NAS with the sheriff
  2. bsergiu

    Upgrade of DSM versions

    Finally, got some time. Did my back-up of the custom-made xpenology with DSM 4.1 on a DS114, so I was clear for the update. The upgrade from 4.1 to 5.0 + Upd1 + Upd2 using Nanoboot image WENT WELL !!! I did not experience any problems (which does not mean that others will also not have problems ...). One known thing: you need to give yourself again permissions for the shared folders Now, USB3 is working fine on my ASRock Atom board and I have the new Synology features. I have followed the instructions here, and also checked for the files. Last but not least: when I shot down my "old" xpenology for the upgrde, the status window was reporting 365 Days Up-Time, status Good, drives Healthy. A BIG Thank You both to the enthusiasts here as well as Synology team for delivering us a pleasant NAS experience!!!!!! Cheers Sergiu
  3. bsergiu

    Upgrade of DSM versions

    Hi there. I am building my back-up NAS so I can do the back-up before. I'll keep you posted as soon as I will have tried this. Thanks, Sergiu
  4. bsergiu

    Upgrade of DSM versions

  5. bsergiu

    Upgrade of DSM versions

    Hi there, I was googling a lot inside and outside this forum, in order to find a way to upgrade XPenology DSM. I am having 4.1 and would like to go to 4.3 without data loss. I understand that there is always a risk of data loss, as this is not a commercial product. But still, assuming I have done my back-up, I want to upgrade in a way that would not wipe my data ( unless sh#&*t happens ) . Can somebody point me to the right procedure to do that? Is that possible at all ? Thanks y lot in advance for advices, Sergiu
  6. Hi! First of all, thanks for your great work to make DSM available to us! I have installed DSM 4.1 2668++ on Asrock AD2550-ITX (Dual core Atom, Intel NM10 Express, USB 3.0 with ASMedia ASM1042) and it works quite well, well with one exception though: USB. I have disabled the USB 3.0 interface. On the USB 2.0, I added my HP printer and it is correctly recognized by the DSM in the list of the "External Devices". But no luck at all with USB drives: I have tried 2 card readers, 4 USB sticks, one WD drive - no luck at all. I have seen some other questions like this, but no answer at all. Could you please give us a hint, whether we can fix it ourselves, or you plan to work at this? Thanks a lot in advance!