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  1. bumping this old thread, what user do I use if it is the first setup of the diskstation? Regards
  2. talking about virtual dsm, has anyone tried it? it is in the beta section of Package center downloads. I tried the new pat but get an error regarding no virtual switch.
  3. @Hansiheiser, did you had to unmount the raid 5 before mounting the system? I did the same dumb thing and modified the busybox binary and everything went crazy
  4. Hi Already tried the migrate option but with no avail, Does anyone knows how to mount that partition in linux so I can change back the name of the binary and get back my data? I tried mounting on linux and I can only see the 2 volume groups I have but not the root filesystem where I modified the /bin/busybox binary Thanks
  5. bump, anyone has any idea how to make it work again? Regards
  6. Hello, I was trying to update my busybox on my xpenology so I downloaded the newest version transfered it to the NAS and set correct permissions and groups. When I tried changing the /bin/busybox to busybox_copy to have a backup everything stopped working command line, any idea on how to get this file back as it was? Update: No package is working at the moment, ssh, telnet, even keyboard and vga as i get a login issue. Any suggestions? Update 2: mounted everything in ubuntu linux as my install was broken. installed the busybox binary and everything went fine Thanks, Regards
  7. anyone getting the following error with the latest version? I am running 5992 and virtualbox 5 virtual 4 worked good Regards! An unknown PHP error occurred. This is most likely a syntax error in config.php in phpVirtualBox's folder. The most common errors are an unclosed quote or a missing semicolon in a configuration item that has been entered (e.g. location, username, or password). Depending on your PHP configuration, navigating directly to config.php in your web browser may display the PHP error message. If find that this is not the case, or have no idea what this error
  8. De acuerdo con Johan, los normales (NO diseñados para NAS) también pueden correr sin problemas, tengo una nas asustor la cual tiene mis antiguos seagate 2tb normalito sy llevan 2 años corriendo, ahí replico mis datos críticos como respaldo
  9. de mi lado recomiendo seagate nas, tengo 4 de 2TB dos grupos de RAID 1 en un microserver gen8, corriendo 24x7. Saludos!
  10. DSM 6.0 will bring BTRFS to more devices and apparently the version on which xpenology is based on is included, we will need more information for official release. also does anyone knows what happened to xpenology.nl?
  11. davioxx

    Gen 8 help

    Hi Who who, I currently use PLEX transcoding and work great, I stream 1080p content and it does push the CPU to the maximum for some seconds but then great transfer. Read this blog as it explains how PLEX works, it mainly depends on the target device to define if it needs to stream or transcode. https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articl ... different-
  12. looking forward for official Xpenology BTRFS support, it is a really nice filesystem I've seen an implementation in rockstor.com and it is starting to shape up, with the advanced applications and usability of DSM and that excellent filesystem we would have a very resilient NAS.
  13. anyone using this btrfs workaround as a stable filesystem? any issues appart from mount issues?
  14. Claro, hice la imagen con el win32disk imager. Ya despues instale el sinology DSM en mis discos locales, a veces al reiniciar no detecta la micro sd pero me conecto con ILO y rebooteo el server. Esto no afecta en nada los datos. Saludos!
  15. did you got it working? I just received my microserver last week and was able to go from zero to full system in 4 hours (tried to go virtual but didn't like it as I only have 2 GB Ram) at the moment im still testing the box before going production but everything seems fine Current setup> boot from micro sd latest xneboot update 2 pat 1 500GB drive 2GB RAM G2020T Future setup after migrating from asustor 3X 2TB HDD 7.2K Seagate nas 8GB RAM ECC I will do some tests on working with the server Regards!