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  1. Весьма интересно, и про ARM и про DSM
  2. tsygam

    Segate Nas OS 4

    Seagate NAS OS is GPL as well, though seems they provide UI sources (it's Python rather than php)
  3. Только если можно, объясните зачем плодить сущности и ставить MySQL когда в DSM как служебная база есть Postgres и с ней все работает, или действительно есть веские причины? Я одинаково плохо (т е почти никак) знаю MySQL и Postgres и поэтому спрашиваю.
  4. Так Web Station именно в папке Web держит файлы сайтов, у меня там еще ownclooud и т.п., а в homes/ххх/www вроде персональные сайты и туда вход по http://ip/~username
  5. c SQLLite не влетело. Забыл какая ошибка, но у вас на форуме она обсуждалась - не создавалась база. с Postgres, после распаковки в /volume2/Web/TorrentMonitor : DS> /usr/syno/pgsql/bin/createuser -P torrentmonitor -U postgres DS> /usr/syno/pgsql/bin/createdb -O torrentmonitor torrentmonitor -h localhost -U postgres DS> cat /volume2/Web/TorrentMonitor/db_schema/postgresql.sql | psql -h localhost torrentmonitor torrentmonitor все взлетело.
  6. а почему не postgresql который уже есть в DSM? у меня взлетело легко. ps: спрашиваю т.к. не знаю, а не чтобы поспорить.
  7. была аналогичная проблема - указания mac в ESXi недостаточно впиши mac ещё в syslinuix.cfg
  8. I guess you need to configure teaming on esxi and your router first While it is possible to configure teaming in DSM, there may by limited or no improvement from this as vmxnet3 is quite capable itself: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsp_4_vmxnet3_perf.pdf Отправлено используя Tapatalk
  9. I tried playing with link aggregation recently (i do not have Cisco and used asus rt-ac66 router for experiments) and paused for a while. my findings are: - probably there is no need to do bonding on virtual part (at least from the very beginning) as vmxnet3 driver is quite capable by itself - http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsp_4_vmxnet3_perf.pdf - my jetway board has Intel's 82579lm and 82574l NICs (both are currently supported with ESXi 6, though with 5.5 i used community drivers). 82579lm is also used by Intel AMT which in turn used shared (with the host system) MAC of that NIC - ESXi management network is using 82574l MAC and this NIC is the first in failover order for mgmt network, while another one is the first for vM network - after enabling LACP (used VDS on ESXi side), on both sides, from roter's side I noticed that partner (ESXi side) was using 82579lm MAC (where AMT is) and I could not force it to use 82574l MAC and that lead to inability of ESXi host access at that point I paused for a while, to find out how can I switsh from shared MAC for AMT to a dedicated one. Per intel AMT documentation this is possible (in theory???) May be you are facing the same thing - bonded link is using MAC which is not the one used by mgmt network, so its MAC is not exposed and cannot get IP?
  10. You can pass through your UPS as well, further there is NUT client for esxi on some French site, just google for it, set NUT at DS as master and at esxi as slave. I have router plugged into the same ups as esxi, so for me nut master is on the router and both DS and esxi are slaves. Отправлено используя Tapatalk
  11. Какой вопрос .... Отправлено из моего iPhone используя Tapatalk
  12. улыбнуло чес слово немного лет назад dial-up был наверно самым распространенным способом доступа в инет и не только через PSTN - телефонные сети.
  13. I was looking for an option to change from Intel chip based raid to adaptec based one and got an impression that it is not possible to change raid cards/chipsets for a different manufacturer. Raid cards/chipsets write metadata (each manufacturer uses its own format) to disks and different chip unlikely able to pick it up. Отправлено из моего iPhone используя Tapatalk
  14. There is a thead in How-to/Guides section. I posted there about my experience with ESXi & RDM: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3339&start=40#p24563