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  1. I can confirm that this is working on bare metal with existing data intact and update 6. I had to use the install and keep data, it would not install with keeping settings and data. Needed to reinstall apps and users, but it did keep my volumes and all my data. Data came from version 5.2-5967 update 2. I Did NOT change Vid and Pid just left the usb as is after flashing. Will change later to see if quick connect works. Installed on HP Proliant HL310 Gen 5
  2. Upgraded 2 systems Gen5 and Gen8 this morning. Booted to install and Upgrade on old bootloader logged onto system and did the straight upgrade in control panel waited for reboot and everything is fine. Running apps galore on both machines, no problems. I DID NOT use manual DSM update. I used auto update on both machines while booted to install & upgrade on XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5592.2
  3. You cannot use your hardware MAC address and get my synology to work it has to be in their format of assigned MAC addresses allotted to Synology 00:11:32:0C:##:## You need to add them into your syslinux.cfg file using whatever method you like. Change the Serial Number then add mac1=001132OCwhatever number you generated using the spreadsheet from link in earlier posts. If you have more than 1 lan on your machine then add mac2=, and mac3= for the additional network ports you have. You only need to add mac1= if your machine only has 1 lan port. It does not really matter where you add the m
  4. Can confirm that 5592 will not install without new bootloader. Tried on 3 different machines. Fails at 63% after reboot old system is up and running with no problems or loss of data. Tried both manual and automatic installs on all 3 machines. All 3 booted up to old systems with the only change being a warning that it did not install. No loss of functionality or data.