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  1. Performance of Synology DSM 4.2 Build 3202

    Lol...damn! don't let the cat outta the bag though it's obvious.
  2. Performance of Synology DSM 4.2 Build 3202

    I've finally completed BYON including the documentations. Here are the final 3 posts. 3.5.1 CIFS Benchmarks 3.5.2 iSCSI Benchmarks 3.6 Summary Last but not least, please participate in this poll for two short questions related to BYON. 3.7 BYON Poll
  3. Performance of Synology DSM 4.2 Build 3202

    3rd setup - U-NAS testing results are out! 3.4.1 U-NAS Performance Test 3.4.2 U-NAS Functionality Test If you are interested, take a look and compare XPEnology results with it. I will post Benchmark Charts soon.
  4. Performance of Synology DSM 4.2 Build 3202

    Oh i see... What i meant was, 147W is the estimated max power drawn based on 6 HDDs during bootup.
  5. Performance of Synology DSM 4.2 Build 3202

    Thank you! I am glad that the information I've documented serve useful reference for others. This is contribution to the forum which I have benefited from I suppose your NAS is a E-350? Your full load at 55W is pretty modest considering you have 4 HDDs. But I don't recall mentioning anything about 120W?
  6. Hello everyone! In my personal project: Build Your Own NAS (BYON), i have achieved the following performance with my Synology DSM 4.2 build 3202. Setup details OS: Synology DSM 4.2 build 3202 CPU/Mobo: ECS NM70-I2 (V1.0) Memory: Kingston 1600MHZ 8GB DDR3 Power Supply: 130W PicoPSU & Dell 150W power adapter HDD1: WD Green 2TB (64MB/5400RPM) HDD2: Seagate Bar-Green 2TB (64MB/5900RPM) HDD3: Samsung EcoGreen F4 (32MB/5400RPM) USB thumbdrive 4Gb 3.3.1 Synology DSM Performance Test 3.3.2 Synology DSM Functionality Test 3.3.3 Synology DSM Plex Transcoding Test Any thoughts?
  7. Please add to the list: ECS NM70-I2 (V1.0) It is tested and proven working. SATA, USB, LAN, temperature all ok. Thank you for the great work guys, keep it up. Sometime later I will be benchmarking this build here: http://diy-nas.blogspot.sg I will post my results here too.