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  1. The email notification is working very well, it is more than a notification, it lists all of the files 'sync'd' by the rsync command - perfect for my needs Thank you
  2. Thanks I actually knew that option was there but I was too focused on log file messages. I appreciate your help.
  3. Hi I have 2 Xpenology servers, one is a back up of the other. The backup server is on a power schedule for an hour each night and during that time I have a scheduled job running on the main server which is a simple (incremental) rsync of the entire folder structure to the backup - as it is incremental it only takes minutes. I get no notification of this job runnning, being successful or otherwise. Is there a log file created? can I create one? Can I put messages into my scheduled job (How)? Thanks
  4. Thank you. I used the term emulate very loosely, I know that OS's and software need to be written to take advantage of multi-core processors. I see now that a DS3615xs has a quad core processor so that implies that DSM does make full use of quad core, still not sure about Plex on DSM but it's a safe bet it does too. Thanks for your help
  5. I guess I was thinking of something like plex transcoding but also as I don't really understand how the boot loader thing works, does it emulate the processor of for example the DS3615xs
  6. Is there any point in using a fast quad core CPU for an Xpenology build?
  7. I am trying to use rsync between 2 Xpenology servers, I can use it fine in it's normal state where I log into the Source server (Putty) and execute the rsync command entering the password for the remote server but I would like to run this from withing DSM Task Scheduler so I need for it to not ask for a password. I have tried to setup a key using a guide on the Synology Community forum ( https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=126166 ) but I ended up locking myself out of SSH. Are there an Xpenology specific guides for this? I have searched for rsync on these forums but there was only one hit to do with a raid setup. I can't believe that this is an Xpenology specific issue but I'm out of my depth with the technicalities of all this. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I had tried various 'live' utilities but they all reported the wrong MAC address - as you say Ubuntu live did the trick
  9. Now that I have built a backup Xpenology NAS I realise that I used the wrong MAC address - I copied the MAC address from my main NAS - how can I find out the real MAC address of the NIC in my backup Xpenology NAS? DSM/Info Center/Network just tells me the one I told it to use. Thanks
  10. I have decided to migrate to Intel. As I said I have a home built (Micro-ATX) server and I am looking at options for a cheap CPU/Motherboard/Memory combo to rebuild it with. Thanks
  11. I don't have a fallback position if anything goes wrong so I am a little apprehensive, my setup is working fine as it is so I'll prob stay on 6.0.2 for the meantime - Thanks
  12. Hi I am currently running a homebuilt server with an AMD A6 processor and have had DSM 6.0.2-8451 (previously DSM5) running for quite some time. I only realised after going down the AMD route that I would have been better using Intel but too late. The current setup works fine. I see that the newer DSM releases (or the bootloader associated with the newer releases) do not support AMD which I can live with (as I don't really understand what that is all about). My question is do I need to do something about it? Can I just sit here happily on 6.0.2? Is it likely that AMD will become supported again in the future?
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