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    How about 802.3ad in vmware

    Hello, recently I've assembled my new XPEnology vmware based server which has 2 onboard LAN adapters and I know how to set vmware host to use 802.3ad as "source" for vSwitch, but I don't know, how to set it also for vm guests (however - DSM doesn't support any another type of Link Agg. than 802.3ad) - my XPEnology tells me something like "Establishing a connection IEEE 802.3ad failed"... Does anyone know how to round about this problem? Thanks PS: my motherboard is: ASRock Rack E3C224D4I-14S I should passthrough one of integrated LAN directly to the VM (thanks to VT-d) - as I have LSI RAID controller.
  2. In any case i think I have the right link now: http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/28DHM8iqXlo Thanks alot for your share of file, if someone want to reshare, i can publish it to my server