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  1. I think when 2 disks are missing the raid is stopped.. so no changes are made.. where as 1 drive missing would just look like a drive failure so the raid carries on working. so when you add the 2 disks back the raid is automatically turned back on?? or am i wrong,.
  2. Hi Stanza, excellent work. thats exactly what i thought may happen. My setup has a H200 Raid card connected to a Suppermicro 12 Bay case.. i had to use your hack to get the last 2 drives detected as Disk 1 was being used by ESXi and Disk 2 is just missing. so my drives start from disk 3 onwards.. what would be great is if Trantor can accommodate the changes into his build that way the drives will always show up and not break the raid. Thanks
  3. Hi Stanza, what happens if you decide to upgrade to a newer version... i presume all the changes you made to synoinfo will revert back and cause the system to not see all the drives again... will this break any SHR raid ~? i have my system setup but afraid that it will break when it comes to upgrading to a latest version of xpenology. is there a way to upgrade while keeping the changes in place? Cheers
  4. Hi Trantor i have installed beta 6 on my system under ESXi 5.5.. I have my Dell Perc 200H set-up through pass-through to a Vm Client. all drives are detected but i am noticing that the internal transfers are slow. copied 48GB from one volume to another and noticed that the transfer was rather slow. I have attached the drive utilization which seems to be max'd out on Volume 1 which is a SHR raid compromised of 2 x 2TB Sata disks and 1 x 3TB Sata disk. write speed of 66MB seems very slow? what do you make of this? is the normal? Thanks
  5. Hi i changed the mac and Serial by editing the file that resides on the USB... File is located under boot\grub\grub.conf this is what mine looks like #serial --unit=0 --speed=115200 #terminal serial default 1 timeout 4 hiddenmenu fallback 0 title SYNOLOGY_1 root (hd0,0) hw_model kernel /zImage root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=5 netif_num=1 syno_hw_version=RS3612xs initrd /rd.gz title SYNOLOGY_2 root (hd0,1) # cksum /grub_cksum.syno # vender /vender # hw_model kernel /zImage root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=5 netif_num=1 syno_hw_version=RS3612xs mac1=00113205V7U8 sn=B7J4N00000 initrd /rd.gz All you need to do is add the MAC and Serial number.. please note the mac address format.. 00-11-32-05-C8-7B will not work. to edit the file on windows i used notepad++ which is free to download.
  6. akaz

    Folder Sync Schedule issue

    Hi. in have xpenology installed on my HP N54L works great... other than Folder Sync. i have another DS210J which i have set up to be the destination.. the first sync worked fine however no matter what schedule i set it on it does not kick of it self. initially i had it on file modification that didn't work so i changed it to every 30 mins.. which does not seem to run... if i run it manually it works fine.. any ides whats going on? thanks