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  1. I'm using the 2nd Generation FireTV. Nevermind, I think this is an Amazon DSVideo issue - at least for the latest App. I tried my Samsung Smart TV and it worked perfectly. I think there's a bug on that App for the FireTV Anyway - Thanks for your help.
  2. Yes I gave permission to my user account. I checked the firewall settings, it's on port 9008. I even restarted the NAS. It's the FireTV that's not connecting because I can connect with my iPhone. Very weird
  3. How to connect to DSVideo via FireTV? Everytime I enter my credentials it keeps telling it's not correct.. I'm on DSM 6.1.4. Thanks.
  4. Hello to all, I just migrated my HP EX495 to DSM 6.1.4 following Jun's loader. I was wondering how to enable the file directory to see the USB boot drive. I did it once somewhere, but I'm not sure if the new DSM allow you browse the USB Boot drive anymore. Thanks for any help!
  5. Thank you to QuickNick and Team! When is the upgrade procedure coming out?? I'm mostly interested in upgrading a current 5.X system to 6.X. Thanks!
  6. My settlements exactly I stream 1080p movies (blu ray quality) with over 30Mbps bit-rate with no issue. I'm running all gigabit network network. No hiccups on my XPenology - it just works like a horse. Honestly yes, nothing wrong with running 10Gig network, if you have the equipment and cash for it, but it's a huge overkill. Think about this, you're basically using a huge shot gun to kill a small mouse. Also there's a lot of money you need to invest, the wire needs to be CAT6a and up, including all connectors put to the patch panels. If you running CAT5e's, you need to change all of it. If you're going to the fiber optic route - then you need to get all fiber cables - Big money here alone! then add the Gigabit Switch on top of that you spending more money on that. Fiber channel route? - think again. You sure you want to start a Data Center?
  7. Hi, Any particular reason you want to run 10 Gbps NIC's? LOL! are you starting some data center or something in your house?
  8. HP EX495 updated DSM 5.2-5967 through DSM and quick reboot - Smooth sailing! In fact, after updating to DSM 5.2-5967 Update 1, no issues, and no reboot required.
  9. Agree! Only plex user account has admin rights. Same goes for any channel packages you add to Plex, you have to give rights to plex account.
  10. Yes. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  11. Hi synapse007, The only way is to get a debug cable which gives you access to onboard VGA + Serial & perhaps comm 1 as well. Once you get the cable and you plugin your VGA Monitor and Serial Keyboard (PS/2 Style) then you can gain access to the BIOS and change the boot order to USB instead of SATA0 (default). Anyway, this link will provide you with more info:
  12. How are you timing the removal and subsequent replacement of the hard drive for reliable full boot of Xpenology? This is the main thing that has been holding me back from converting my EX495. Make sure your USB boot up is in the last one from the bottom in the back of the EX495. If you place the usb bootup drive in any other USB port, it will not work. When booting up just make sure SATA-0 is unplugged before turning on. I would give about 7 seconds then plug the hard drive back in. It will continue to boot up from there. I would also suggest if you do not know the IP address to look into your router and see what IP address you get for "DiskStation". To avoid further confusion on IP address, what I did was I made DHCP in my router give it the same IP address all the time from the exclusion list. Your router should be able to do this.
  13. So I had a chance write down the steps I took to make the HP EX495 to run on 1000 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps. I am only referring to the HP EX495 headless server (no VGA port) Original problem: Installation of XPenology will default to the R8169 driver instead of R8168 causing the server to use speed of 100 Mbps (too slow) Solution: Manually install the R8168 driver from manufacturer so it can use the correct driver. Prerequisites: - USB drive (thumb drive) - any size ok. - Access to your NAS via SSH protocol, normally port 22. Here is how to do it: - SSH client like putty - Login to your NAS as “root”. Steps: Place a spare USB drive on your computer and format it using FAT32 file system. 1. Download the 8168 drivers from RealTek Website. Here is the link: 2. Scroll down to UNIX (Linux) section and click on the Global link for Version 8.040 (first row). 3. Copy and paste “0002-r8168-8.040.00.tar.bz2” to the USB drive. 4. Remove the USB drive and place it on your XPEpenology NAS 5. SSH to your NAS via IP Address or Host name and port number, default is port 22. 6. Login as root and enter your password. Run the following code at the command shell: Shell> cd /volumeUSB2/usbshare Shell> tar vjxf Shell> cd Shell> ./ Note: Look for your USB drive folder – Normally it would be volumeUSB2 and up not USB1 (boot USB), make sure you have correct one. At this point if you are using remote ssh client it will run the script to Makefile and install the drivers, but it will cause your connection to be lost. Wait about 5 minutes and hard shutdown your EX495 by holding the power button for a few seconds. Then boot up the EX495, in my case I have to remove SATA0 shortly so it can boot from USB for a few seconds then place SATA0 drive back on so it can continue to boot (Headless server, no VGA). Once the EX495 has booted, go back to ssh console and verify that adapter is now on 1000 Mbps and not 100 Mbps. Run the following code on the shell: Shell>ethtool eth0 Scroll down to the line where you see Speed and make sure it reads “1000Mb/s, Duplex Full”. Transfer a large file to your NAS over the wire and monitor the speed I hope this is useful for some HP EX495 users.