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  1. Hi XGu. 1 Create a new virtual machine and select “Other” as operating system 2 Create an IDE hard drive 3 Bridged Network adapter 4 In CD/DVD select use ISO image file, and choose «plpbt.iso » this will let you start your virtual machine from cd and PLOP Bios extender. Then you can boot from the USB created with the « DS411-1067-x86-20130525.img ». USb must be connected to the virual machine. You can download plpbt.iso at http://download.plop.at/files/bootmngr/plpbt-5.0.14.zip 5 Insert the following lines into your « virtalMachineName.vmx » with any text editor : ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000" bios.bootDelay = "5000" 6 Start your Virtual Machine by booting from the CDrom. You must boot from CD every time you (Re)start your virtual Machine and then choose Boot from USB drive 7 Connect your USB to the Virtual Machine 8 Select Boot from USB device. 9 Follow the procedure published by odie82544 That’s all. And it works for me. Let me know your experience. TBak Great great great!! It's working!!!! Thanks you! I'm going to try if it works with .img to .vmdk disk conversion with "convertdd" (VirtualBox hdd conversion tool).
  2. Ey tbak Thanks you!! I'm going to try this night! I will tell you!
  3. Sorry Tbak, can you show us how have you configured VMware?
  4. Hi everybody! I have a question about this version, is it possible to install this version in a VirtualBox or VMware? I have tried to install it, but I don't know why fails (I'm newbie ), Synology Assistant detect it the Virtual Machine but when I'm going to Install .pat fails in "Error port 23 no comunication between DiskStation and PC" Other packets also fails when I try to install in VirtualBox, except http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3 that it seems to be prepared exclusively for Virtual Machine Finally, congratulations to all people that works in this