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  1. updated to 5.2-5592 and tested VAAI with NFS. Still not working.
  2. Any update? Have you got it working on the current build? Which version did you have it working on? I have 2 Mellanox MHGA28-XTC I would like to get working.
  3. I built a new xpenology server last night using XPEnoboot 5.2-5565.2 and the 5.2 pat (Then, I updated to current release via DSM) HW is a HP Proliant ML 10. Installed without issue. Everything seemed to work fine. Installed NFS VAAI plugin via vib onto esxi 6 (works without issue on old virtualized xpenolgy system. Clone & vMotion fail with "Error caused by file. /vmfs/volumes/xxxxxxxx/" I was able to manually copy the files using datastore browser without issue (so I do not assume a permissions issue.) I can create new Virtual Machines. I uninstalled the NFS VAAI Vib, rebo