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  1. Hello, Did you ever resolve this problem? Thanks Chris
  2. crap... migration will not run... back to trying to get into the logs or backing everything up and installing a fresh system.
  3. I completely agree. It's got to be the logs and they likely filled up while the rebuild was occurring. I wish that I had checked /root and /logs before attempting a reboot. At least I WAS logged in. Live and learn. I'm using Nanoboot with DSM 5. I think that it's the latest one before everything changed to XPEnoboot. I'm now extracting files that will be difficult to replace from the Array using an Ubuntu CD and mdadm. Currently it says 13 hours to go... if I have not figured out how to get logged back in to clear /logs by then I'll try a reinstall. That should clear out the logs
  4. It's an interesting post but does not say what do do if I cannot get myself logged in. It does say: I think that I'll try a reinstall
  5. Hi Diverge, Thanks for the response. Neither telnet nor ssh, nor the console will let me in using root, admin or any other username/password combination. All were working but now everything says access denied. I'm checking out the Synology post now.
  6. I found another guide here that was somewhat helpful: http://phenomenology/forum/viewtopic.ph ... 262#p32262 I've now tried SystemRescueCD. It also allows me to get to /volume1 but not root. SystemRescueCD puts volume1 in /dev/dm-0 so: mkdir /v1_recovery mount /dev/dm-0 /v1_recovery or.. mount /dev/mapper/vg1000-lv /v1_recovery Provides access to the Synology volume in /v1_recovery Pretty cool actually an makes it really easy to pull the data out. I've also tried: As suggested in the other post but when I try to mount /dev/md0 I get: mount: /d
  7. SystemRescueCD put this in /dev/dm-0 mkdir /v1_recovery mount /dev/dm-0 /v1_recovery or.. mount /dev/mapper/vg1000-lv /v1_recovery Provides access to the Synology volume in /v1_recovery Pretty cool actually an makes it really easy to pull the data out but I would really love to repair root. trying to find out why it can not read the superblock now. Any/all suggestions welcome.
  8. Hmmm.. I'm getting an error during mount. mount: /dev/md0: can't read superblock I've been considering an upgrade to XPEnoboot anyway. Is a reinstall safe with DSM in semi-broken state? Thanks Chris
  9. Hello, Interesting tip. Hopefully it will help me out too. While doing a rebuild /root got to 100% full. See here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5292 I've managed to get to volume1 but can not get to root. I've tried your suggestion but I do not seem to have /dev/md0. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 Live CD and will try SystemRescueCD next. Hopefully it will allow me to mount /root. Chris
  10. well... I've managed to get into the volumes by booting to a Ubuntu Live CD, opening a terminal and issuing the following commands: sudo -i apt-get install mdadm lvm2 mdadm –Asf && vgchange -ay or mdadm --assemble --scan Note: specify 'no configuration' for postfix, which seems to be a dependency for mdadm. I can now see my main volume so at the very least I can recover, but this does not get me into the root partition, which is what is full... Perhaps this will prove useful to anyone who needs to access their Synology data from another system but it g
  11. Hello, Something has happened to by NanoBoot diskstation while replacing a bad disk. I'm getting a message saying: Partition layout is not Diskstation style and sed: couldn't flush /tmpRoot/etc/....: No space left on device ... I get a login prompt and the webgui seems to be there but it will not accept my login. Does anyone here know how to boot DSM/NanoBoot into single user mode so that I can check /root. Thanks
  12. @sancome... Dude.... wow. Great news! I had almost given up hope. Thanks to you and the team for all the hard work and dedication!
  13. Tried the updgade yesterday... everything went perfectly. Bluetooth even worked first time. Long live Nanoboot!
  14. I would love to know this too. It would be nice to have bluetooth audio working with nanoboot. I've not tested yet but see nothing about bluetooth USB support in this thread.
  15. I've got a Synology 1511+ with all the current updates, an N40L with update 2 (but not 4482), an N54L (without update 2 or 4482) and some time to help test and/or provide info from an actual Synology if that will help.