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  1. I had the same, problem with bonded cards resolved, partially by the latest version of virtualbox, partially by the changes on VM. I have to setup Intel Pro/1000 MT server network on each VM
  2. I have to roll back to previous version.
  3. The same for me, will roll back to previous version.
  4. dtech

    Dell PC Model Support Xpenology DSM 5.2 X64

    With Dell optiplex 7010 no issue, tested on couple machines
  5. dtech

    Transfer Speeds >1Gb/s

    Hi I have two network ports bonded in one 2GB link and copy it's over 150MB/s. It's hard to do stress test course one PC I have got only 1GB network card.
  6. dtech

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 3 safe?

    If same of you can confirm that USB TV tuners are working fine ?
  7. dtech

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 2

    Hi Can you confirm that virtualbox is working with this build ?
  8. dtech

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 1

    Can you confirm that virtualbox is working with this update ?
  9. I got auto update, which went without any problems
  10. dtech

    Synology Surveillance Station licenses?

    I have additional license for 4 cameras and it's working fine on xpenology
  11. How to upgrade on symbology? This latest version