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  1. Enabling Web Station fails

    OK so after trawling through many threads, it seems that creating a local user group called http with read/write access to the /web folder resolved the issue for me.
  2. Enabling Web Station fails

    Resetting made no difference, I can't enable Web Station - it tells me to log out and try again. Changed thread title - any advice on this?
  3. Enabling Web Station fails

    Sussed it out for myself. For anybody else that want to do a reset and keep your date, the "trick" is to install an older version of DSM then re-install the latest version. I reverted back to Trantor 4.3 then upgraded back to the 5.0 update 2 - all data is intact but all my mods are gone YAY!
  4. Enabling Web Station fails

    Is there any way to reset/reinstall Xpenology without losing the data on the drives? I've made a number of modifications to the configuration to allow access to services via the outside world and I want to revert to a clean install as I now have a dedicated machine proxying connections from the outside to my Xpenology box. Is it just a case of re-imaging the USB stick or is there more to it?
  5. Upgraded to 4493 from last Trantor build and everything seemed to go fine apart from MariaDB not working (found the fix for that) and I can't enable WebStation, I get an error (every time) suggesting I log out of DSM and try again.
  6. Is this pretty easy to do? There doesn't appear to be a guide (or even much mention) or upgrading from 4.3 to 5.0 in the forums - is it the usual method of writing the .IMG file, booting Nanoboot and uploading the .PAT file for the latest DSM build? I don't have access to a VGA cable to do the initial install (to catch the Grub boot loader) so is it possible to set the first boot to go straight to "Install/Upgrade" by amending the Grub config file?
  7. Has anybody done an upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3 on a N54L? How did it go and how exactly do you upgrade?
  8. When I asked about an equivalent to the "Reset" button on an official Synology NAS, I was told that re-flashing the USB stick to a clean install would effectively reset your installation without affecting data. I never needed to try it but it might be worth a try.
  9. Can somebody help me? I've installed the modules from the above link and rebooted and now I can't get into the DiskStation interface - everything is running fine but I get "System is getting ready. Please log in later" and it's been like that for hours and after several reboots. There were two modules on Pastebin which I didn't know how to use but I reverted to the stock modules but still can't login - is there something I can do as I have >4TB of data on this thing!!
  10. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    I'm not sure what's happening for you, but the RDMs I'm using are all fine and survive reboots without any issues. Potentially there is something in your ESXi installation at issue. Are you using any 3rd party drivers on your ESXi whitebox? Anything special in your configuration or hardware? This VM host has been running > 12 months with an array of different guests so I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I've just ordered the latest HP MicroServer so will use that as a physical host rather than virtualised and see how I get on. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  11. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    OK there is almost certainly a bug in this version where your storage device does not persist a reboot. The VMDK is still attached but if you go into Storage Manager, there are no volumes.
  12. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    How did you shut down the VM or perform the reboot? Do you have the drives mapped as RDM or as VMDK? Depending on how you shut down the host (don't do it through vSphere!) there may be cached files which are not written to disk by the time the VM is powered off. Think of it as "pulling the power" on the machine. Hi I shut rebooted using the option from the DSM desktop. I'm not sure how it happened but the VMDK had become "detached" from the guest so the reason all the stuff disappeared was the storage drive was no longer attached and there was no way to reattach it. I've rebuilt the VM now, in preparation for installation on my new HP MicroServer, so hopefully this won't happen again. I know this is really "alpha" software at the moment, but I would have thought the intention is to get this as stable as a real Synology box (else there is no real point to the project is there?!) so that people can use this to manage their storage.
  13. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Just done a clean install and things seem OK now. I'm a little concerned about why my storage drive disappeared (that's what caused all my apps and stuff to disappear). The drive was visible in DSM but there were no mounted volumes and it wanted to format the disk to create them...
  14. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Yes - shut down the VM, go back into the settings and check (then double check) that the "SCSI Controller" is set to "Paravirtual" and not something else.
  15. [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Hi folks Thanks for all the effort that has gone into this project. I've got the latest build installed under ESXi 5.1 but have noticed a couple of things which I'm unsure of; Any modifications done via SSH (e.g. enabling ipkg) do not persist a reboot All my Synology apps (e.g. Audio Station) do not persist a reboot but... The repository I added to install SABnzbd DID persist (in Package Center) but SABnzbd itself (nor any other apps) survived a reboot (instead showing as "Repair" in Package Center) Am I missing something?