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  1. TY very much... i missed this one on the list of repo.
  2. i had Transmission on my nas , but i had to remove it for i can't find spk or ipkg for DS3612. Pls. help
  3. nice!,could you publish image gnoBoot image for v5?
  4. ... s_4418.pat beta doesn't work , it want access to boot disk
  5. ok , is there option to easy change network adapter type to intel in VM Workstation settings? Debian 6.7z
  6. i add next network card to this VM , and now it works on second one , but first one is still unable to
  7. for me it was very long journey - to roll out dmesg in txt from VM dmesg.7z
  8. img enclose. my problem also exist in vender boot. i also checked my other VM - and other VM nic works . I don't know how to give a `dmesg` and `ifconfig` command without first account setup, becouse I can't install DSM without nic - i don't know password for diskstation login before setup dsm.
  9. ok great , thx for your work. In VMware Worksation 10 I have a problem with nic. it doesn't work for me. the ip can not be taken from DHCP in bridge mode and in nat mode, ip adress is local - before it fully boot - there is some massage about wrong charakter in mac adress.
  10. is it posible to run it native on real pc?
  11. i can confirm that works with ide controller on Gigabyte g41 motherboard
  12. working on Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L but extra NIC is needed , works on Intel Gigabit Pro/1000 CT Desktop PCI-E Adapter - EXPI9301CTBLK also works on Intel Pro/1000GT Giga Desktop Adapter - PWLA8391GTBLK
  13. Mirror ... sp=sharing ...!gddngLiL!AWb8bxcgr ... 1mCrn4YPUY