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  1. You'r welcome XGu Yes, I have converted img also into vmdk. It's easier to boot. Just I forgot to mention it. This must be done after the installation has been completed successfully. TBAK
  2. Hi XGu. 1 Create a new virtual machine and select “Other” as operating system 2 Create an IDE hard drive 3 Bridged Network adapter 4 In CD/DVD select use ISO image file, and choose «plpbt.iso » this will let you start your virtual machine from cd and PLOP Bios extender. Then you can boot from the USB created with the « DS411-1067-x86-20130525.img ». USb must be connected to the virual machine. You can download plpbt.iso at http://download.plop.at/files/bootmngr/plpbt-5.0.14.zip 5 Insert the following lines into your « virtalMachineName.vmx » with any text editor : ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000" bios.bootDelay = "5000" 6 Start your Virtual Machine by booting from the CDrom. You must boot from CD every time you (Re)start your virtual Machine and then choose Boot from USB drive 7 Connect your USB to the Virtual Machine 8 Select Boot from USB device. 9 Follow the procedure published by odie82544 That’s all. And it works for me. Let me know your experience. TBak
  3. I Had found this web link and I downloaded the file : http://dl1.c6.sendfile.vip.xunlei.com:8000/RS3413xs%5F3211%2Dx86%2D20130525%2Erar?key=88f52f477f2ccc7b196f72e9b4a971c5&file_url=%2Fgdrive%2Fresource%2F46%2FAF%2F46525781EAC2ECBAE5E35A1796068B85D68EC9AF&file_type=0&authkey=4EFF9A108F76F8287A564222FD08229F65CECDBCB41CD77FE8C1689C55AAD827&exp_time=1372882945&from_uid=3327343&task_id=5883273226001361410&get_uid=1008434318&f=lixian.vip.xunlei.com&reduce_cdn=1&fid=xXPjkZ7BBni87tKllB1yTZ7tAEcQq0UQAAAAAEZSV4Hqwuy65eNaF5YGi4XWjsmv&mid=666&threshold=150&tid=14BA8A8C23C94FC7657CC390648DD093&srcid=7&verno=1 I tested it only with vmware workstaion 9 and everything worked fine as described by the procedure of the first post of this topic. Hope this will help. Tbak
  4. Hello, I would like to test this version but unfortunately I can't download it. Is there another link? Thanks Tbak