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  1. By the way how can see the log ,with the usb to serial adapter, of the dsm ??
  2. hi guys @IG-88, @Polanskiman bios is update to the latest and nic too. As i said before, i don't understand why the dsm system is not install on hdd like the 5.2.5967.
  3. I m lost coz think the install process is not complete. I can see files and folders on the hdd but not all of them like the fresh install i made (see above post)
  4. just install the 5.2.5967 version with 5.5.5967 pat file ---> all ok access to dsmeg ok or user\lib\modules with the tg3.ko in it
  5. hi all download the .pat file but nothing happen still the same. try jusr before posting a new install with loader 1.02b+extralzma and 15047.pat file. Install complete, reboot and nothing in syno assistant. Remount the system partition in ubuntu but nothin in var folder and no usr folder
  6. hi i ve followed the tuto to access the syno partition but got no log or the extralzma. got 4 folders @autouptade, etc, synoUpgrePackages and var in var, blank folder no files and got cheksum.syno, SynoUpgrade.tar, SynoUpgradeIndexdb.txz and SynoUpgradeSynohdpacklmg.txz that's all i have
  7. firstable thanx all for helping me @sbv3000 i don't have a usb to serial adapter to check dsm
  8. sorry but got no other nic to test why i can do a fresh install and after the reboot i can't see my dsm at all ???
  9. yep but no result Only with the xtra lzma my nic is not recognize
  10. bios update to the latest if i reset the bios set my hdd to ahci or not
  11. Hi nemesis122 here is my mac adress in the loader set vid=0x13fe set pid=0x4200 set sn=1230LWN007222 set mac1=001E0BFC1D77 set rootdev=/dev/md0 set netif_num=1 set extra_args_3615='' My config intel 5100 chipset xeon 5410 x2 2.33ghz 4go ddr2 ecc nc105i network chipset (tg3 module when recognized by the "lspci -k | grep 'Kernel driver' command under ubuntu 128 go ssd crucial for testing or 500Go hdd