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  1. Interesting thing, I will check also this. At the moment what is strange is that when I have booted the microserver for the very first time, the hard drive was recognized on port1 (the only time) with the added message: "ATA security state of this disk is invalid"...and there isn't this added message when it works (connected to port3/4 in AHCI mode or to port1/2/3/4 in RAID mode). I have passed the last days on the net trying to find similar cases with maybe the hope to find a solution and there are also lots of cases from people having issues with other hard drive models/br
  2. Where to look for these? I have checked in BIOS and I didn't found these options nor in Server Security menu nor in Advanced Options. Thanks for suggestion, I will try hdparm with drive in slot3 and AHCI enabled for now. I would like to know why it isn't detected on slot1&2 when AHCI mode is enabled. If I change to RAID mode the controller reset itself and I can see the disk on slot1&2. When I'm in AHCI mode I can see the drive on slot3 so probably the hdparm result will be the same. Or I'm wrong?
  3. thanks for reply I have the latest microserver gen8 (HPE branded front door) production date 2017. My BIOS is the latest J06 (11/02/2015). At the boot screen it says HP AHCI SATA Controller (v0.90) (this one don't recognize the hard disks) and then HP AHCI SATA Controller (v0.84). I have tried to set again the controller in HP Smart Array RAID MODE for test and with F5 I have entered the smart array manager setup. Here I can see that the drive IS recognized again. Changed again the controller in SATA AHCI mode and it ISN'T recognized anymore, same as before. The diagnos
  4. Hi, Is there someone who have used, with the hp microserver gen8, hard disks of 4TB or higher installed in slot1 and/or slot2? If yes could you kindly tell me what models have you used? For me it seems impossible to have the hard disks recognized and so I can't install xpenology (baremetal). With SATA controller set in AHCI mode, slot1 and slot2 don't recognize the hard disks, that are recognized if I set the controller in RAID mode (however useless for an xpenology baremetal install). The hard disks are recognized in slot3 and slot4 but so I remain with only two drives
  5. From what I have read the microserver gen8 needs the1.02a image for DS3615XS or there will be later some error during the installation procedure.
  6. Hi to all, I have tried to “first” install Xpenoboot 5.2-5967.1 on: Microserver Gen8 / G1610T / 4GB / BIOS J06 Only changes done to the BIOS are: 1) disable network boot 2) change RAID controller to AHCI-mode I have double checked to have put correct PID and VID on the USB pendrive (inserted on mobo internal connector) that I have used for install. Also I have changed the serial number and corrected/inserted the two mac addresses of lan with the original ones of the microserver. I have put the ethernet cable on the lan2 port and the hard disk on slot1. My bootlo
  7. In terms of performance if you can pass-through the hard disk controller using the vt-d (or amd equivalent) you have no visible differences. I have to admit that from my tests, using only one lan, I can't see any difference even if I don't use vt-d and use a .vmdk disk (one on every single physical hard disk) or direct disk access, but it all depends on the type of workload you apply. However If you can't use vt-d because your cpu doesn't have it nor the direct disk access, and you can only use .vmdk, I don't recommend using the .vmdk, too much troubles on recovering files if something g
  8. Hi, I'm in a pretty similar situation as you. I have a Microserver Gen8 and I have the two eth0 eth1 with the "not RUNNING" message so I can't install nothing. The usb keyboard (no PS2 is possible on my system) works only until the grub menu selection then doesn't work anymore so I can't even try to set the static IP as suggested. This for what I have understanded is due to the lack of OHCI driver that is needed for low speed devices (usb 1.1). The kernel loads only the correct EHCI driver but not OHCI and so the system can't comunicate with usb (low speed) keyboard. In the past there was
  9. Hi to all, probably a silly question...but the last bootloader for the DSM 5.2 isn't the 5967.1 or there is also a 5967.2?