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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    How do you run 1.04b DS918 as VM? I only see one synoboot.img file within zip.
  2. kuma16830

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Do this loader have VM version, such as VMware or Virtual Box for testing?
  3. kuma16830

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I did mine by downloading the package form Synology and install it manually. The below is the link. https://usdl.synology.com/download/DSM/ ... 3615xs.pat But you need to specified your USB flash vid, pid & append SataPortMap=XX, check how to find them and type at the very first selection screen. Without the above info, I got error while installing the update 4.
  4. kuma16830

    Working DSM 6

    Can run multiple VM with VMplayer???
  5. kuma16830

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I got the following error as well, with my Asus J1900I-C mobo as a bare metal system, Then I use Synology Assistant to install DSM directly, I got the error as the attached picture.
  6. Successful working DSM 6.0 setup, but no Btrfs. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16114&start=280#p68498 System is: X9SIL-F + Xeon E5 32 GB RAM LSI SAS 9300-16i QLE 10G Fiber NIC D-Link DXE-820T 10G Copper NIC (connected & active with DHCP)
  7. DSM 6.0 official supported NIC list, not the XPEnology viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16114&start=250#p68147
  8. After couple days trying to install DSM 6.0.1 on a PC with different hardware and other combination. I have reached the end and will reveal all the info I gathered. My hardware setup: mobo: Asus J1900I-C, as a standalone setup. NIC: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop PCI-E EXPI9301CTBLK 82574L 9301CT Note: the onboard RTL NIC doesn't support by DSM, so I went online bought a old & cheap Intel chip 82574L NIC as someone mentioned about the compatible issue. It works on DSM 5.2 as well. RAM: 4G SO-DIMM HD: 32G SATA old SSD for testing USB drive stick: for booting the loader, which made by dynax File name: DSM_DS3615xs_7393_boot.img or DSM_DS3615xs_7393_bootX.img, these 2 files are identical viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16114&start=230#p67947 Another Windows PC for access DSM 6's WebGUI. Important Installing tip: Make sure USB booting using leged mode, not UEFI, because it won't work. If you see blank underline flashing on your screen, reboot (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and go to mobo BIOS and check and save the setting again. My install process result: 1. Boot menu select "Install Synology DSM 6.0_7393" 2. screen will show: Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... done. Booting the kernel. 3. Windows PC use Synology Assistant, will find its IP. Use connect to open with a browser to install DSM 6.0.1-7393 4. Brand new install successful, which erase the entire old disk's data. 5. Reboot. END Here is the post-install process result: Scenario A: Boot menu select "RUN" result: screen will show: Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... done. Booting the kernel. But after 10~15 seconds, the system will shutdown itself. Scenario B: Boot menu select "Install Synology DSM 6.0_7393" result: screen will show: Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... done. Booting the kernel. IP can access via WebGUI to creat DSM's name, admin account name & password, then login in. After login, I can apply DSM 6.0.1-7393 update2. Things that can't do list: 1. Storage Manager annot creat valume, either ext4 for btrfs. 2. USB External drive doesn't show on next to Notifications and within Control Panel's External Devices. But it shows on Info Center's General. 3. The Widgets doesn't show and CPU, RAM, upload and download speed. I have tried to install DSM 5.2 with vaolume created first, then try to use MIGRATE to intsall DSM 6. But, this won't work, I have to make clean install which had to wipe out the existing volume. Boot Selection: After booting: you can use WebGUI to access. It unlike traditional XPEnology which will show LOGIN: Login in ok and info. If I select RUN at the boot menu, the system will shutdown after few sec
  9. Where can I see it is being Turbo Boosted? My system'info, CPu Frequency showed as 1.99 GHz
  10. I just did the update 5 within control panel's automatic download and update. It did not require rebooting the system. And I tried to access the NAS it worked. Then I reboot the system and it worked. So it is safe. I am using XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5. Hardware Setup: mobo Asus J1900I-C, 4G SO-DIMM, HD Seagate 1T ST1000DM003
  11. Try to do a manual update. Here is the download link. http://usdl.synology.com/download/DSM/c ... 3615xs.pat I installed the update without any additional commands, such as 'sed' or 'mv', as you mentioned.
  12. I updated my machine with update 2 and works fine. I will describe as below. My environment setup: mobo: Asus J1900I-C RAM: 4G SO-DIMM HD: Seagate 1T ST1000DM003 DSM installed ver: 5.2-5565 update 1 XPEnology ver: 5.2-5565.2 (07/06/2015) upgrade to 5.2-5565 update 2 method login in to web GUI, auto download the update file and upgrade form there. my issue I after applied 5.2 update 2, first reboot the system after the update, the console hanged at: ================== Start udevd ======================== ===== trigger device plug event ======= how to fix the issue I pressed the reset button and then it booted ok. Hope this will help to some people. The direct link for downloading the 3615xs update 2 is as below: http://usdl.synology.com/download/criti ... 3615xs.pat Version : 5.2-5565 Update 2 (2015/06/09) Important Information A thorough investigation has been done, and it is confirmed that DSM and its related packages are not impacted by the LogJam vulnerability because of the way Synology implements OpenSSL in our system. Fixed Issues Improved the stability of SHR expansion. Improved the stability of SMB transfer when the system is being accessed by an excessive number of clients. Fixed multiple kernel vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-3122, CVE-2014-3153, CVE-2014-0196, and CVE-2014-4699). Fixed an issue where CPU usage could remain high when widget is enabled. Fixed an issue where LDAP users could fail to log in to DSM. Fixed an issue where files could not be downloaded via Windows' terminal. Fixed an issue where system cannot enter hibernation. Fixed an issue where some folders with non-English names would become inaccessible via SMB. Fixed an issue where volumes/iSCSI LUN cannot be displayed after the Synology High Availability system resumes from safe mode with UPS connected.