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  1. Hi! Someone can tell my how activate Active Backup on Xpenelogy 6.2? The process of activation go trough online and give me 404 error page because the series is not found, what is normal. Is another way to activate this? Thanks.
  2. I have Xeon Gen8 microserver with ESXi 6 and VM with XPEnology latest version. I attached RDM drives to this VM. Owncloud version is more than 8. If logon to DSM can upload 4GB file but via Oncloud, I'm limited to max 2GB/file. On DSM sistem drives is SHR with native ext4 file sistem.
  3. Hi I have Gen8 and Owncloud via Esxi 6 and cannot upload file more than 2GB size/file. I increase on config and htaccess size to 10GB but cannot upload file with 3GB size. Upload Error 3: File uploades partially. How can I fix this?
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    Maibe you have firewall activated on DSM
  5. With latest fw and XPEnology fan work over 30-35%. XPE not have the right driver for hdd smtemp sensor. On ESXI with correct driver on it, fan work on 6-10%. I choose ESXi for low noise and Raw mapping drives to XPE virtual machine. like a post on this forum I have virtual XPE on 2.5'' hdd drive on bay 5 (odd)
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