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    XPEnology gnoBoot

    Hi, "Generally", bad CMOS issue are hardware related ... so i don't think it would be gnoboot related. For your network card, it's simply not recognised because no driver is present for it in the current gnoboot release. Maybe asking gnoboot (very) nicely would solve your issue for those having issues with vmware, you can try the simple (and efficient) tool : plop boot manager which enables the vm to boot from usb. Then a "standard" setup (with raw device mapping and classic usb key trick) is possible using esix 5.5 (for example) I just wanted to send many thanks to gnoboot for is hard work regarding synology 5.0 port i successfully installed it on many different hardware (such as Zotac Z68wifi ... shuttle DS61 ... citrix xenserver and esxi 5.5) almost everything is working like a charm ... for an alpha relase it's pretty amazing ! The only missing thing for me is the dib0700 driver but i'm working on an alternative solution (or wait patiently for gnoboot to release his kernel sources) congrats for all of this ! regards ! Volfield
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    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Hi The easyest way i found was to create a floppy drive booting plpbt.img (which is plop boot manager : http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/plpbt.bin.html ). Then you can make your VM boot from USB ... you'll just have to plug an usb key containing whatever Xpenology / gnoboot version. But for your current setup , i have no idea ... sorry.