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  1. Want to update my server so thinking of a new build.

    Would prefer ECC memory support, but cant seem to find any Intel motherboards that support it.
    But I just read that the last few Intel Gen CPUs dont support ECC unless you buy the Xeons.

    Not sure about AMD, read that their CPUs and hopefully motherboards do support ECC.


    Any suggestions on motherboards and CPUs?
    Dont want to go too expensive, but am thinking about adding 10Gb network port.

    Though I see a big majority of people using non-ECC memory.
    I know its cheaper but arent you afraid of losing your data if something happens?

  2. Bought another server from ebay.


    Wanted to test my HBA controller on it.

    As soon as I turned it on, there was smoke.
    I immediately pulled the power cord.

    There doesnt seem to be any signs of damage or burn marks on my HBA card.

    Put it back in my main server and it seems to have loaded everything fine.

    Should I trust it to not catch on fire, or should I buy a replacement?

  3. Recently expanded my server and thought about installing all my games onto a folder on it instead of on my PC

    Yes I did just map my network drive onto my PC
    But this only allowed me to install games from Steam and Epic Games

    When I tried to install games from Origin, Uplay which is now Ubisoft Connect, and Oculus Home; they all refused to install


    Long story short, someone on Linus Tech tips forums suggested setting up a iSCSI drive
    And it worked!
    Origin, Uplay and Oculus now all let me install games on my iSCSI networked drive.

    Here's a video on how to set one up on a Synology server


    When it comes to the Total Capacity part, you can expand, or shrink the volume later.
    Though I believe you need to reconnect the drive and go into disk management in windows again to expand/shrink the drive there as well.
    And you dont have to set up the CHAP login if you dont want to, again can be added or removed later.

    Note: I've not tested playability yet, just installing games so far.

  4. @bearcat please read the link you yourself have linked

    Yes you are correct, the 2017 is the last production SPP
    However is it not the last POST production SPP
    I mean even in the paragraph which state the bit about the 2017 has a link to Reducing Server Updates pdf which explains this!

    Gen8.1 IS a Post Production SPP
    So no its doesnt have "support for new technology, features, options and new major OS/hypervisor versions", but "When a server generation is in post-production, modifications to the firmware, drivers, and system software for that server generation is limited to bug fixes and security updates"

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  5. On 5/4/2021 at 11:47 AM, Jo2021 said:

    Hi this link from russia side does not work. Anyone with a new download link for me?


    @Jo2021 You want to click the Magnet link to download the torrent file



    16 hours ago, bearcat said:

    @Jo2021 do you really need the "russian" version?

    As I once wrote: The 2017.04.0 SPP is the last production SPP to contain components for the G7 and Gen8 server platforms.

    The pack loads on my gen8.
    Also you can download component packages separately.
    Then when you create the bootable USB, you can copy the components into one of the folders, hp\swpackages I think, and then when you load it on your gen8, all the components you added also show up on the update list.

  6. https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX_ff582daf008c4f529c4d6c28f6#tab3

    They match, and used a MD5 checker on the file downloaded, SHA-256 also match.

    I'm not that firmiliar with server grade hardware or firmware

    But this one worked with my Gen8, even though it states 8.1 and released Nov 2017
    but lol yeah I was skeptical when I saw it was from a russian link, dont know if you can fake those hashes.

  7. If anyone is looking for the Service Pack for the Gen8

    You need a valid warranty and register with HP to download this officially.
    I know you dont really need this to update the server, but still nice to have.


    I found a torrent



    MD5 checks out so is the official file and works.

    If this post isnt allowed please delete.

  8. - Outcome of the update:  SUCCESSFUL

    - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.7

    - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - for DS3615xs

    - Using custom extra.lzma: NO

    - Installation type: BAREMETAL Gen8 Microserver G1610T

    - Additional comment: Reboot required, updated number of available drives to 45. Onboard LAN working, with LSI SAS card installed.

                                                   Rebooting prevents the system from loading. Need to fully shutdown and power on whenever a reboot is needed



  9. 1 hour ago, Dfds said:

    @omarthe Gen8 Microserver will run DSM 6.2.3 using jun’s 1.03b loader with rhe internal nics.


    But this takes up the single PCI slot, which I need for the controller card so I can add more than 4 drives.
    So I cannot add the new NIC card as there is not second PCI slot

    But my question here is what's the advantage of a VM?

  10. So what is the benefit of running a virtual machine instead of a bare metal in this instance?

    I've got Gen8 but still on 6.1.7

    Want to expand to more than 4 drives, but then I cannot install a new NIC in order to use anything higher.

    Had so many issues with this, and not received much help here.
    Took me like 2 years to figure out the "Cannot find the page" error, which lead me to having to reinstall, was due to a bad microsd card!

  11. 2 hours ago, IG-88 said:


    well even after asking 2 times you have not documented what you have done in you synoinfo.conf

    good luck with your problem, i'm out

    You link me a video, which I've already watched, and I tell you I've done EXACTLY what that video shows to do.
    And you say I've not told you what I've done?

    I bet even if I post a copy of the file, you'd say the same thing!
    In fact let me do that!

    I dont get it, you make a helpful thread like this, as this is the next thing I was thinking of trying
    Yet you didnt read that the changes I made were a step by step change from that video......




  12. Wow you're not very helpful are you.

    As said in that video, the guy uses root in WinSCP

    Something you cannot do now unless you set a password first!

    So the fact that I know that and you dont shows I watched no only that video, but have looked at other posts and forums to see what to do.

    It's not my communication, it's your understanding and attitude.

    So apart from saying I followed that video step by step once I set root password
    Only info I can give is system settings

    HP G1610T Gen8 microserver
    DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.iso

    I tried their 45 drive change
    36 drives

    24 drives

    22 drives

    The changes to file are saved, but reboot always goes to having to reinstall DSM again, which stays at 12 drives.

  13. 21 hours ago, IG-88 said:


    what did you change exatly

    if you write the things you've done we migth spot the problem

    it should work with dsm 6.1 (or dsm 6.0) the same way

    i usually suggest this video



    That's the video I followed.
    Which itself is wrong as it assumes you have root account access.
    Which you dont until you ssh in to create a password!
    And you need to change TWO files, one in etc and other in etc/defaults
    But even then, still not working for me.

  14. There's another post about editing the maxdisks on the 1.03b loader

    Can the same be done for the 1.02 loader?

    i've tried the online tutorials about using root and editing synoinfo but my server restarts asking to reinstall DSM

  15. I updated my DSM a while back and updated my usb boot drive for xpenology.

    This for some reason stopped my Gen8 server from booting from usb, didnt matter which port I used.

    I think the reason is due to the fact I was not on win10 when I first created the usb
    When you install Win10 you will be installing it with UEFI
    So when you create your bootable usb on Win10, I guess it does it so its compatible, so the drive is formatted for GPT drive


    I think since the Gen 8 is using an old BIOS, it will only boot under a usb drive formatted for MBR


    So to get around this you will need to use rufus to create the bootable usb
    When you load the iso file for xpenology, you'll see the Partition Scheme is GPT, and greyed out, so you cant change it.

    Two ways to change it,
    Check the List USB drives, this may then flip it to MBR

    Download win10 installation iso from Microsoft
    Select this win10 iso as if you are going to make a bootable win10 usb installation drive

    Then you will be able to change GPT to MBR
    Then change iso to xpenology

    Then create bootable usb as normal


    Win32DiskImager does not give you the option to select GPT or MBR partition schemes.
    So my guess it uses the system default.
    So if you have win10, it is most likely GPT
    Hence the USB is GPT, and the server will not boot from it.

    See this image to see check




    Should work on other servers which have similar issues

    It's just the BIOS is too old for GPT I guess.

  16. On 8/5/2019 at 7:46 PM, bearcat said:


    And exactly how do people in the other end decrypt those files, if the only key is inside your NAS?

    Unless I'm wrong (never have been, never will ;-))

    your files will be decrypted before beeing transferred to the network, and it is only being encrypted locally, much like Microsoft's BitLocker.



    erm.....hmmm, oh well it's encrypted on this end now cant change it :D

    Oh missed that last reply of yours. good to know I guess if I need it again.

  17. OMG after so many years I think I figured out, at least hopefully figured out what was causing my system to crash and require reinstallations!

    With that vid/pid not existing for miscrosd cards. I decided to keep it in the usb adaptor.
    Just in case I had to revert, I used another microsd card, and kept original boot loader card to side.
    So installed it on second microsd and kept it in adaptor and stuck that in my box

    Did a reinstall and as usual works fine.

    My NAS is encrypted and so I decided to use the old microsd as the drive with the encryption key on it and keep that in the microsd slot inside the gen 8. Yes i know that kindda defeats the point, but it's just to keep my data encrypted when transfering/sharing online.

    All seemed fine until lately I have had to restart my server twice as the encrypted folder would not mount the first time

    After all this time could it be that the original microsd card i was using is faulty?!!!
    Guess time will tell, see if I need to do another reinstall in 6 months or not :P

  18. But I dont want to use the card adaptor, I have a HP Gen8 microserver, which has a built-in microsd slot.
    But yeah atm I am using the adaptor and it's values, though prefer not to.

    but if sd cards dont have those values, I guess I can ignore that part of the setup then.


    The PCI network card does appear in the BIOS, each port appears separately.
    The lights on the ports also turn on, Orange to show it's a 1000mb connection, and the green power LED.

    But it's stuck on solid, not flashing so that shows no communication is going on even though it's connected and powered.....

    Wondering if I need the MAC addresses of the pci ports?
    I read on another thread to change it to MAC1=eth0, but that doesnt work either.
    Neither does keeping the macs on the onboard ports.

    Not sure how to disable only the onboard NIC, I looked around and foudn a couple of sections and disabled them, but not sure if that disabled the pci card as well....
    Nor is there an option to select the PCI card

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