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  1. b1lou

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    So, everything seems to run flawlessly now after deleting /.xpenoboot and doing a reboot.. But maybe someone has a solution to another problem I had/have: After flashing Jun's loader to a USB stick with Win32 DiskImager I can never overwrite it again, because it reports as write protected. I had this same issue with 1.02b and now again with 1.04b. Is there any solution to this? Not that USB sticks are that expensive anymore, but it's pretty inconvenient to always have to buy new ones.
  2. b1lou

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Strange things are happening here.. I just rebooted a couple of times and freed up some space in /dev/md0 and now everything seems to work.. Oh and I've also read about an old /.xpenoboot folder that causes problems, so I deleted and before the last reboot. But I'm still not sure if everything is fine now.. Here are the lines in dmesg after the last reboot:
  3. b1lou

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I've just updated from 1.02b (3615) to 1.04b (918) and I'm having some huge problems.. I'm running on baremetal (AsrockRack e3c226d2i), I've installed the PAT for 6.2.2 and did a migration, everything starts fine, I can log into DSM, everything looks good but after a minute or so, all packages are stopping and I can't connect to dsm anymore.. Any ideas? Please help... EDIT: I can still SSH to the server and some services still seem to be running, but no DSM webfrontend and almost all packages are stopped
  4. Just a heads up for anyone who has similar problems: My NETGEAR GS116Ev2 caused the disconnects. I even got a replacement unit from NETGEAR, but I had the exact same problems. I've now replaced the NETGEAR switch with a TP-LINK TL-SG3216 and everything works like a charm.
  5. I've pinged the NAS from three different computers and all pings were interrupted at the same time. So the problem is definitely on the NAS side. Anyone?
  6. Hello, I've noticed some frequent disconnects on my samba share for a few weeks now, but never had the time to really follow up on it until yesterday. So yesterday I looked into the smb logs but couldn't find anything abnormal, but the dmesg log showed frequent disconnects on eth0: Wed Nov 4 07:52:17 2015 igb: eth0 NIC Link is Down >Wed Nov 4 07:52:19 2015 init: dhcp-client (eth0) main process (18549) killed by TERM signal >Wed Nov 4 07:52:19 2015 init: smbd main process (19876) killed by TERM signal Wed Nov 4 07:52:20 2015 igb: eth0 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, F
  7. So, since I was pretty confident the network adapters on my server board are pretty good, I put the Intel Pro/1000 PT in my pc instead of the NAS and lo and behold! I now get 115MB/s down and up, even without jumbo frames enabled. Now I'm happy You actually get what you pay for.. Thanks for all your support!
  8. Alright, so jumbo frames helped a little. I now get a steady 100Mb/s down and 85MB/s up. That's definitely better, but still not ideal, is it?
  9. With autosensing (Automatic MDI/MDI-X) you don't need a crossover cable to connect two network devices directly, so I've tested with a switch in between and without. I believe I have already tested jumbo frames without luck, but I can verify tomorrow.
  10. So, I've just tested with my notebook and it's pretty much the same, almost identical. I've just ordered an Intel Pro/1000 PT network adapter for my NAS, I'm pretty sure there has to be a solution to my problem..
  11. I've actually tested without a switch, just a direct connection between the NAS and the computer. I've tested both ethernet ports on my NAS (the third one is just for management) and several ethernet adapters on the computer side. I haven't tested a pcie ethernet adapter in the NAS yet.
  12. Alright, now I've tried the new CAT6a cable with SSDs on both sides an it's still exactily the same.. 80,x MB/s down and 64,x MB/s up on FTP. What else can I do?
  13. I've stopped every package, just to be sure there is no other activity, and tried it again, but I just get a really steady 80,x MB/s down and 64,x MB/s up on FTP. With SMB it's almost identical. I should get a CAT6a cable today, capable of 10GBASE-T, to rule out the ethernet cable as inuites suggested. EDIT: I've also looked into the Resource Monitor while downloading and the system is really bored. There is no obvious bottleneck.
  14. I've already tried several cables and both NICs on my NAS and on my computer, but the result is always the same..
  15. Hi everybody, I have a question concerning network speed. When I download a large file from my NAS over gigabit LAN via FTP I get around 80MB/s, when uploading around 60MB/s. This seems pretty slow to me. My computer is connected directly to the NAS and I'm testing with an SSD on the computer side. My NAS: Mainboard: ASRock E3C226D2I CPU: Intel BX80646I34330 RAM: 2x Kingston KVR16LE11S8/4KF ECC HDDs: 6x Western Digital WD30EFRX Red 3TB (RAID 5) HDDs run in AHCI mode, DSM version is the latest. Has anybody an idea why I don't get full gigabit speed? b1lou