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  1. Bearcat, No problems before my big adventure upgrading. After, there were suddenly lots of bad clusters. Then the RAID listed as degraded and the drive was no longer in play. I removed all drives and put them back and it tried again to initialize but failed. Since I don't have the original BIOS I'm not able to compare, and that is probably beyond my skills to boot. I took the drive out and placed it in a windows machine and used Minitool partition Wizard to try to format it and start over and after trying to wipe the drive it came back with
  2. Yes, I waited until it was complete and I received a nice big green check mark in my disk health widget. It was after I then upgraded to package 3 that I received the new bad news. Unfortunately I would not know if there was anything useful in the log or not. I'll have a look and see. log is below, not sure if it tells anything useful. Thanks for your help. disk_log-2019-10-27-19-33-30.html
  3. That post about the bios issue would have saved me days as well. Better late than never. I repaired the Disk in storage manager but on the next boot it is now saying Drive health status is degraded and I'm getting notifications that disk 4 is trying to re-identify. Any ideas about repair short of a new HDD¿ If you think about let me know when you have the new extra.lzma ready. I'll hold off updating any further until then. Thanks, Frank
  4. The update 3 is all OK for your system, as can be seen right here (among other places). Notice that he did not use any custom extra.lzma. Updated to Update 3 with no issues. Thanks.
  5. Bearcat, I went to that page and it was just as he described-all was well until the HDD/SSD section. Showed one HDD with a partition problem. I hit repair and all is well. Thanks for the links.
  6. Bearcat, I used the MOD from this website since it was specifically addressing my HP N40L. I'll look at your other links and get back. Thanks
  7. I have finally succeeded in updating to DSM 6.1.7-15284. I want to thank Bearcat and IG-88 for all their help and I'll share how I was able to solve my problem and get this to work. I used Juns Loader 6.1 and I modified the file for the VID, PID, Time delay and used the extra.lmza file instead of the stock lmza. Updated my bios and disabled C1E. C1E kept resetting itself and finally a comment by IG-88 about the BIOS always resetting made me think. I had my old flash drive with the old bootloader in my machine so that I could shut down thru the DSM interface and apparent
  8. IG-88, I was terribly frustrated and needed to take a little time off from this project. I flashed a new BIOS to the machine tonight and then I reset the C1E and rebooted and behold the time, date and status of C1E reverted from their changed and correct settings to incorrect time and date and C1E was Enabled again. I replaced the CMOS battery and reset everything again and yes, it still is reverting to defaults. By the way the old CMOS battery was reading 3V DC so I don't think that was the problem. As far as restarting goes, yes I always shut down the sy
  9. Thanks for the encouragement but I just tried again, not found on network. Checked the C1E controller and it is Enabled again, so is there a different Boot Loader I can use that will not keep enabling this or perhaps will a different bios solve the problem? I'm truly stumped. (Stuipid?)
  10. Yes, I checked C1E and it had somehow reverted but I changed it and checked it on next boot. When I ping I receive timed out response. Thanks for the NIC info. If I get a better attitude I will flash the BIOS this weekend and see what happens. Thanks again for all your help. I could have bought a Synology for all the time I've put into this but I'm like a dog with a bone on these projects, I just want to win! OK, so I just checked again and the setting for C1E is Enabled again!!! I wonder why it keeps re-enabling itself?
  11. I know these NIC's are different than for a typical PC (smaller?). Do you know offhand what I should be looking for? No I'm not familiar with hooking up with a serial cable for access, I do have a monitor connected.
  12. I guess this is not going to work for me. I've tried all these things including the unmodified loader and then just changing the ramdisk and no results. One last question, should the original extra.lzma file be deleted and replaced with the extra.lmza or should they both be in the folder? I deleted and replaced in my case. Thanks
  13. Bearcat, Sorry if I've confused you, I rebooted back to 5.2-5644. Since it's never been found on the network I've never loaded the new .pat file. I guess I'll give a new bios a try and see if it will go then. I use a fixed ip address from the router, DSM set to DHCP. I use the "real" MAC in the grub file and a serial number from the generator. Does any of that indicate a problem? Thanks again, Frank
  14. Unfortunately Synology Assistant still can't find NAS on network and ping receives no reply. COmpletely different question, I've never set a virtual machine but can you tell me if this theory is correct? 1: Boot into virtual machine 2: try to update from update window in DSM-this would only be to 5.2-5967 3: If this works in a virtual machine then try it on the bare metal version thru DSM