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  1. Sono passato ad un sistema di dvr proprietario delle telecamere perchè dall'ultimo aggiornamento che ho fatto non sono più riuscito ad inserire i seriali. Se interessa ho 2 seriali da 4 telecamere ovviamente originali ma che è possibile utilizzare solo su synology "veri"
  2. per caso hai incontrato l'anima pia??? Sarei molto interessato a questa cosa non tanto per le licenze, ne ho già acquistate 8, ma perchè dopo l'aggiornamento alla versione 1.02b non riesco più ad aggiungerle, quando cerca di autenticarle mi dice "Connessione non riuscita".
  3. Hello, I can not add licenses to enable cameras. The system says "Connection failed. Check network settings" thank you Beppe
  4. I've seen you've written in English, but I'm not familiar with English
  5. Thank you for the reply. So if I understand the translation of "google translate", the most recent and stable version you suggest is version 6.1, which corresponds to the DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod file, is it correct? Thanks again for the help.
  6. Ciao Polanskiman, Sorry but I'm confused , what is the last stable version to install with esxi. Thank you
  7. all intel, realtek 10/100/100 are supported. Thank
  8. ok , thanks for the information. You know which network card pci-e It is compatible
  9. logical, when I said that my brain was on stand bay
  10. I 've tried but it does not work because if you open the file : XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.img find some files in between which there is zImage , which I think is the kernel , which I could not open in any way . Perhaps the firmware must be inserted in the file DSM_DS3615xs_5592.pat .
  11. help !! How can I put the firmware in "/ lib / firmware / bnx2 / " if I do not have network access to the server ? The promt does not respond to the keyboard
  12. Thank you very much for the help . I mounted the image XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5592.2.img and inside I found these files : libutil.c32 menu.c32 syslinux.cfg zImage . I suppose that there is zImage " / lib / firmware / bnx2 / " but I can not open zImage . Thank you again
  13. I do not have another network card pci -e to do the test . 5709 network cards worked when XPEnoboot was installed as a virtual machine esxi
  14. Hi Trantor, NICs my dell poweredge r710 server seems not work with the bnx2 driver . What can I do? thanks beppe
  15. Ciao Benoire, thanks for asking. The solution of virtualization is one I have used so far and is good advice, but now I want to switch to native installation . It found that the problem is the network card will try to post in the " Drivers requests"