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  1. My sinology Ds211J doesn't hibernate either so I'm not sure the issue is down to the N40 build. I have always put this down to apps I have installed on the box such as sickbeard and SABNZB
  2. Nighthawk, Many thanks again for your hard work upgraded with ease thanks to you.
  3. I tried it but the boot process hung loading the kernel
  4. Before we can upgrade we need someone to create us a new boot image and Pat file for the N40. Nighthawk did all this fine work for us last time. I've tried using the other 4.2 images on this forum but can't get them to work and I don't really know enough to fix it. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than us will come along and help us but until then we are stuck with 4.1
  5. Hi Could you please tell me how to convert the IMG to VMDK please? Deano
  6. Just noticed 4.2 is now available. Can anyone provide instructions to upgrade to 4.2 if its possible on the N40l?