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  1. yeah i know what brantje was saying but like i said i have no idea on doing / creating a VM an i'm not on 5644 as when i came out there was issues with it to start with an mine was working fine so went on the if it's not broke don't fix it theory, but obviously updates / bootloaders came out and solved the issues but i didn't upgrade as i was busy doing other things but im free again to do the upgrade now you reckon going straight to DSM 5.2 5644 update 5 will be fine ??
  2. thanks for the reply dude i have no idea on VM but i understand its going to be a feature in DSM6 ?? think il just upgrade one at a time probably safest way
  3. hi guys im currently running on DSM 5.2 5592 an just wanting to know if it's best to go up too the latest version available that been the DSM 5.2 5644 Update 5 / 8 and if so is it safe to do the jump? or go up each version / update individually or should i wait for DSM 6 and then do the jump what's your thoughts guys?? Cheers
  4. update worked fine for me after second reboot to re mount the discs !!
  5. PSP91

    Sequence Finder

    Is there any program / docker container that will tell you if there is a sequence to a film you have in your library?? i already use CouchPotato but that doesn't tell you that there is a sequence available something ideally like sickrage does with TV shows would be fantastic thanks in advance
  6. the download station i removed it from package centre and reinstalled it an it worked fine
  7. i had this dude i deleted it an reinstalled and worked fine also my docker containers were deleted i just had to select run on docker in package centre an they came back all working fine
  8. Does Anyone Have A Working Solution To Not Having To Manually Reindex Video Station Ect Every Time A New File Is Placed Into The Folders. Currently Having To Manually Start The Reindex? Running HP Gen8 XPEnoboot 5.2 5565 DSM 5.2 Update 1 Any Help Much Appreciated
  9. that looks like the cable i need cant be sure till im back home to check thanks for tht Omar
  10. Any know what cables are needed to upgrade the optical drive on a HP ProLiant Gen8 G1610T MicroServer, i first thought a drive caddy would be the best way but the cable in side isn't the one needed guessing there's and adapter or conversion kit any links to ebuyer ect welcome thanks in advance people
  11. you can test change DSM boot iso to 5022.3 Update done the above and still doesn't move down
  12. I must sleep,in my way,it is 1:14 AM. no problem thanks for the help sleep well
  13. yeah nothing happens even swapped keyboard and second one doesn't move it either
  14. i hav VGA and monitor plugged in plus a key board for ilo do i need to plug any Ethernets anywhere