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    DSM 4.2 working on Amd APU A8?

    Power thing is an issue. I built my current setup as cheap as possible because I needed a desktop for work. Now as I transition into a new job with a higher pay grade, I would like and need something with more power. I was hoping to move to my A8 into a nas eventually, but never considered the cost/energy aspect. I guess I could also try to roll my own kernel, but its been such a long time since I played around with linux at that level (redhat 4.0 days). I guess one way to find out is to try it (as soon as I can build a new system on the side) and see if it works, if not, put in a more power efficient mb/cpu combo. Thanks
  2. lmbebo

    DSM 4.2 working on Amd APU A8?

    Hi I tried to search and did not find anything. I currently have an Asus F1A55-M lE motherboard with the AMD A8. When I bought it I had the hope of turning it into a home NAS at some point when I upgrade to a core i5 or i7. I saw this synology software, haven't seen any mention of it working on this setup yet. Just curious if it would work or not? I don't have a new system, so I don't wanna try and install it on my current hardware. Thanks