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  1. Thanks XPEH, PC to PC can easily jump up to 100Mb. The 8GB x 2 memory for the Xpenology is overkill, memory usage rate only at 3% top at the 16Gb pool. That config was for freeNAS 1TB needs 1GB ram. I'll swap back to stock 2 x 2GB ECC Ram.
  2. HP N40L Xpenology with RAID5, my PC using SSD (Adata sx900 60G, 30% free space on it) on OS drvie, RAID0 on Data drive with 2 x Seagate 7200.12 1TB. It has similar file transfer rate on bi-direction. Thanks, netware00
  3. Hi XPEH, I'm using HP N40L, mob BIOS, 16GB none-ECC RAM, 5 x 2T WD Red DISK (5400), 4K sector format and nighthawk mob firmware microserver-dsm-4.2-02.05.2013.img and DS3612xs_3202-Repack.pat (big thanks for the great work). My file transfer speed on CIFS only gets 30~40MBps (E8400 Win7 PC to DSM with Gigabit connection). I add an Intel Gigabit CT Single Port Copper NIC EXPI9301C, enable Jumbo Frame (8K) in DSM network interface, enable Jumbo Frame in Cisco SF300 switch, check the SMB2 and Large Frame option in DSM Windows file share. It's not getting any better. Try to disable CIFS database optimization feature, no difference as well. Before Xpenology, that HP box is running freeNAS 8.3 with LSI 9220-8i - IT mode (remove in the Xpenology setup), which can get 50+MB for CIFS. Can you please give me any advices on the Xpenology setup? Thanks in advance. netware00
  4. netware00

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Great work, Jukolaut, thank you very much for sharing it.
  5. netware00

    DSM 4.2-3211 for ESXi?

    Thanks Panja, I actually have the same config as your vm, it didn't work, the DSM vm won't get the IP from DHCP server at all. I guess the odie82544 image doesn't support the vmnet3 NIC. I go through your LINK again, and find the mob version. Now the DSM vm is running perfectly on my ESXi server, thank you very much!!
  6. netware00

    DSM 4.2-3211 for ESXi?

    Hi Panja, Do you install the DSM 4.2 build 3202 on ESXi 5/5.1 successfully? For my white box ESXi 5.0, SA can NEVER found the DSM vm, and I did change the vm NIC MAC to match the one that show in the boot screen. VM is built bases on 64bit other Linux, 256Mb IDE 0 boot drive, 100Gb PVSCSI x 2, 1G memory, 1 x NIC with mob MAC add. So far, I can only load the XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++, but the IDE boot drive will be changed during the PAT file installation. The system will stop at the first re-boot and have the GRUB 22 error. even I re-upload the VMDK file or lock the original VMDK before the PAT installation, neither of those methords work for me. Can you please give me any advices, many thanks. netware00