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  1. My apologies, I was under the impression there was some pattern found between the S/N and the Mac address. I only have the serial number unfortunately. The original DiskStation was lost. I am aware of the legitimacy behind using a VM versus the actual, original hardware and I am fine with that. That being said, I would like some clarity on how SNs and Macs are generated currently. There is a structure behind it that I'd like to understand so I can try to generate my own Mac addresses, with the serial number I currently have.
  2. Firstly, my apologies if this has been answered already. Ive been unable to get a clear answer here for days. I have a valid serial number from a DS3615xs that had died, and I never got around to RMAing before it was lost for good. I have a DSM 6.1.5 Virtual machine on ESXI 6.0. I am trying to get a clear understanding of how a Mac addresses are derived from a Serial number. Ive gone over the discussions and tools out there for it, but it seems all of them assume a generated serial number, and not one that I already have. Any information you guys can give will be extremely helpful.
  3. I realize I am waking up a dead thread. However, I am a ZFS Enthusiast. I have been strongly considering making ZFSOnLinux to be my next project. I have been using FreeNAS and NAS4Free for the last 4 years, and nothing have ever compared to the reliability and speed. Synology's UI is (sadly) the best one yet. I am attempting to do it for my own reasons, mostly educational.
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