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  1. Thanks again for the recommendation. Finally got everything running smooth in ESXi 6.5 Synology 6.1.4 latest update!
  2. Thanks for the tip Ill look into it although Im a little confused. Doesn't ESXi need to be installed on an OS like windows in order to run? I was trying to find a free solution which is why I was looking at VMware Player.
  3. So I still was not able to find my device after the install was complete unfortunately. Tried the new ram disk but that didnt do the trick. Unfortunately my motherboard doesn't have a serial connection port on it so not sure how to produce this information. I have an extra copy of Windows 7 laying around. I am considerig installing Windows to a SSD and loading up xpenology as a Virtual machine using VMware player. My question is will I run into the same issue with VMware as I am having now or are the linux drivers more expansive in the VMware software? Also does anyone know how big of a perfor
  4. Thanks Ill give it a go. I think you are right because I was briefly able to see the device in my router settings with what I believe was a different MAC address. I know it was the device because I powered it off too see if it went away and it did. Of coarse now I can no longer get it to appear again. Going to try and use the extra.lzma from IG-88 and see if that does the trick. I am aware I need to replace it in Partition 1 do I need to edit any additional lines in the grub file to use the alternate extra.lzma driver file?
  5. I cant seem to get this tutorial to work no matter what I do. I edit the grub file with the correct information, PID, VID, etc. Plug it in and boot from USB. From here I can find my diskstation and install the PAT file successfully. Computer then reboots and I wait the 10 minutes on the synology website and after it counts all the way down I get a warning saying synology unit can not be found. I cant find it using the assistant app either. Tried rebooting and still cant find the unit after what seems like a successful install. My Specs: Asrock H97M-ITX/ac motherboard w/ i3 115
  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Quick question before I boot my usb. Which .img file should I use? The loader link that says synoboot.img or the mirror file named DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img. Are they the same loader just with different names? Want to make sure Im using the right file before migrating.
  7. You obviously did no research before posting. Except for figure out the basis of what xpenology is. Good work.
  8. Alright cool! Thanks for the info PnoT. Was kinda thinking that but wanted to make sure. I got a pretty nice mobo so it should work. I guess I can always return the drives within 30 days if they don't work.
  9. Hi everyone! Very new to the community and very close to building an xpenology server! All the parts are on the way except for the hard drives. My question is can I use just about any hard drive out there? Or do I have to follow the synology compatibly list herehttps://www.synology.com/en-us/compatibility/hd/DS415play For example I was looking at this 5tb hdd on amazon but it seems its not on the list. Can I use it with xpenology? http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-7200rpm-3-5-Inch-Internal-PH3500U-1I72/dp/B00OP2PKH2/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdt_img_top?ie=UTF8 Additional information: I'm well aware of th