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  1. HI as you suggest i've tried to put in grub.cfc a line with "set intel_pstate=enable" and only acpi-cpufreq driver is listed, how can i enble?
  2. Just installed ds 916+ and no burst frequency, its cause keeps working with acpi cpu freq driver, does anyone been able to compile intel_pstate driver?
  3. i tryied with 3615 and 3617, but never ds 916. but shouldnt make any difference
  4. Hi i've got an asrock n3700, the cpu should go till 2.4 ghz but stays at 1.6, does anyone been able to make it work the burst frequency? NB i sad BURST not TURBO (they are not the same thing). thanks in advance for help
  5. quale versione del bootloader avete utilizzato per aggiornare alla 6.1? 1.0.2a oppure 1.0.2a2? e quale modello il ds3615xs, il ds3617xs o il 916?
  6. Complimenti bel tutotial, questo metodo funziona anche per i driver kernel?, mi spiego, vorrei integrare il driver intel_pstate per lq cpu, mi confermi che la procedura è la stessa anche per questo?
  7. i've got 2x4 tb RAID 1 and i want to expand with extra 4 tera, in a raid 5, the problem is that the option manage is disabled my mobo is a asrock n3700-itx
  8. on synology website there's a guide how to upgrade a raid 1 volume to raid 5, but the option to make that change is greyed out, is it a xpenology limitation, or i should enable something? i'm using quick nick loader with DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9; I know i can change raid erasing all disk, but on synology website there's written that you can do without any movement of data from the disk. thanks for help
  9. This cpu doesnt use turbo boost frequency but BURST frequency which is different, atm xpenology doesnt support intel_pstate driver, so until now having this type of cpu is useless cause it works at 60% of his capacity.
  10. Hi i got asrock n3700 itx board with built in nic and i got TP-LINK TG-3468, seems they have same driver, and with XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 my system see both nic, and can bond it, with this new loader i'm not able to make my system see both, i've already edited grub, with correct mac address, i'm sure of they are correct cause from bios i can see both nic, with their mac addres. any advices? best regards
  11. mazzo91

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I have the governor working on a baremetal Gen8 no problem. The location of rc.d has changed from /user/syno/etc/rc.d to /user/local/etc/rc.d so you need to copy the S99PowersavingINTEL.sh script to that folder. I originally thought the governor was working without using the script but I think I was wrong. I added the powersaving script and it's working as expected. I left some notes in this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216&start=420#p74492 I need to update the Power section though. I haven't managed to get the Power Button fix to work yet. I didn't spend too much time looking at it though because it's not vital in my case, although it's nice to have for convenience. @the guys trying to use the current img's to build Gen7 machines stop wasting your time it wont work! The current img works with Intel based systems i.e. Gen8 and others Intel boards which have hardware supported by the included/additional drivers added by Jun and Setsunakawa. i was talking about BURST frequency, on my system, the cpu takes acpi-cpufreq but support intel pstate, so my cpu cant make his job correctly at 100%, should be a kernel problem.
  12. mazzo91

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Does anyone have INTEL_PSTATE driver working with this release?
  13. mazzo91

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Having some problem with second nic, with this release, it takes only the second nick, the one in pci-e, not the onboard, already edited the grub file with right mac, from ssh it see only one nic, but from bios i see two nic, any suggestion how to fix
  14. mazzo91

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Does anyone have tryied if this bootloader handle burst frequency?
  15. in theory yes, but atm doesnt work
  16. I got asrock n3700-itx, everything works fine, but with the latest update, i didnt seen any changes, i also didnt see the intel_pstate driver that is the kernel driver to manage the burst frequency in the list of the avaible driver, so the system keep working with acpi_cpufreq, that doesnt support burst freq, so unless there is a specific way to enable it, burst frequency isnt already working.
  17. after last update xpenoboot 5597, is also included the driver intel_pstate, that make this cpu to step until the burst frequency (2.4ghz) and not be locked to 1.6 ghz, but as i see after clean install, my system keep using the other driver(acpi_cpufreq). that DONT support burst speed.
  18. Does anyone know how to make it work intel n3700 with this driver? my after update to xpenoboot 5967 keep using acpi_cpufreq
  19. man if u got problem just open a thread, is quick and will help you better to solve your problem instead of posting in thread that is CLEARLY ONLY for asking to DEVS to include drivers to next release.
  20. WOL is working for me. (AsRock N3700-ITX) alsp disk sleep work the only problem is cpu max speed
  21. if u use the comand grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo u will see the current frequency, with this n3700 also work the power saving script that turn the frequency from 1600 maximum to 480 mhz but as i said it doesnt handle burst speed so the real power of the cpu stays hidden also when u use plex.
  22. running fine on asrock n3700 itx the only problem is that xpenology isnt able to handle the burst frequency so the system run only at 1.6ghz maximum not 2.4 like should be.
  23. Hi i have xpenology DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4 perfectly working on asrock n3700-itx but if i check the freq from ssh i see that the maximum is only 1.6 ghz, the processor should go until 2.4, i see that is the burst frequency, but it never go for, also when i use plex, is there any option to enable this feature or not? Thanks for help
  24. Cant read the cpu temperature, system show only hd temp, also from ssh cant read anything does anyone have solution?
  25. does anyone have any ideas????
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