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  1. Hi, I would like ask you, I prepared installation USB (HP EXSi), my Microserver has 4x 3TB WD Red HDD and 1x 1TB no SSD HDD (ODD Bay). And now my question where can I install EXSi? to USB stick or HDD of Microserver? Thank you. Robert
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    HI, could you help me, please, which loader can I use form my AMD CPU? Thank you Robert
  3. Hi, do you have paypal account? I would like send you little money - beer, coke, … coffee. Thank you so much for your job Robert from Czech Republic
  4. http://www.veliny.eu:85 login: veliny password: Veliny47 Hikvision DS-2CD3145F-IS Multi-language Full HD 4MP POE IP Mini Dome CCTV Camera http://www.ebay.com/itm/321933376925?_t ... EBIDX%3AIT Robert
  5. Hi,could you make some pictures? Thanks Robert (Czech Republic)
  6. HI, I cant update ti 5592.2, I downloaded update 5592.2 and clicked to button Manual DSM update, but pop uped windows that sinology updated to 100% and stop all the time. Is ready boot image for this update? Thanks for your reply. Robert (Czech Republic)
  7. Hi all, I am a new owner HP m Gen8. I installed xpenology. Some questions ? Could you help me setup best bios settings this server for Xpenology only Afer restart or WOL wakeup server doesnt no boot from SD or USB, only cycling all time. After hard reset boot from USB but no from SD card. Thank you so much for your help Robert from Czech