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  1. I just virtual disk as data disk. See screen capture.
  2. No one have this VPN problem on DSM 4.2 ?
  3. I've success to install DSM 4.2 -3202 on ESXi 5.1 , everything work fine. Except the VPN server. I try to download the VPN server package and setup PPTP , not success. I try to connect it via iPhone , Windows , Linux. All can't connect. I google this issue , find out many post regarding to VPN problem on 3202 Some user report that , once apply the patch that provide by Synology , VPN work it again. ... 73&t=65584 Patch file path : ftp://on-line:online_user@ftp.synology. ... pnpass.pat I look into the patch file and SSH to my DSM4.2 on ESXi , i try to run the patch file. And find that when I run : uname -r It should return the Kernal number 2.6.x , but now , it return 3.2.30 instead. Can anyone help me? Thanks Kevin Lo