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  1. DFds to get rid of the 500gb disk , i dont think you have to degrade your array , just tell dsm that you want to don't want use that disk and it will migrate everything off . dsm -- storage manager --volume--"remove" 500Gb disk .. should be quick (assumes you have enough space on other disks for the moved data) I dont know whether its this simple in shr-1 ?
  2. stumbled across this thread .. I think it would be great if syno unbundled dsm .. as long as the price for single/home users was reasonable, say £25-£40 then I would be in. No-ip does a nice syno comaptible FREE ddns btw.
  3. EXACTLY WHAT loader and dsm package did you use ? I would like to upgrade asap(HP gen8) but this looks more complicated than moving from 4.x to 5.2. Did you follow the tutorial and did you notice any quirks/problems ? thanks in advance ,
  4. i WOULD GIVE SEPERATE disks to each Vm , and maybe stuff a ssd in there if you are going to be testing stuff, it may not save much time but when you rebuild compile reboot etc the speed of the ssd will be appreciated. Saves hair tear.
  5. very easy to use a usb to boot from Probably best to use the latest Syno release 6.1+ to install DEf do your bios firmware updatye before loading anything else on your box Even tho I would check that the bios update does something you need /desire otherwise leave alls well that stays well. pointing you to a good guide to installing is xpenology is a moving target. If you did the install to your N40l you should be ok BUT the Bios on the gen8 requires you to set your disks up first SUmmary update BIos if necessary create bootable usb stick (with NanoBoot or other software on it) insert usb stick into gen8 boot gen8 (takes afew minutes 5-10) use find.synology.com or synology web assistant to find your new xpeno on your lan. point installation to your PAT file (probably stored on your PC) have some nice fresh disk installed point installtion to your disk after some minutes you will have nice fresh installtion. I am lucky in that I have an old 19in monior (+kyb) attached to the gen8 so setting the bios , following all the prompts and watching the boot progress is much easier. My usb stick stays in the gen8 but the monitor can be safely stowed away when all is hunkydory. You could update your CPU to i3 or xeon, also you should be able to "import" you old n40l disks to your new installation you could also import your configuration if you save it on the n40l.
  6. 2gb file size is almost always related to the file system in use e.g. fat32 . NTFS and ext3/4 can access files over this of course. You may have a problem. You may need to explain the problem and the hardwae/software combinatio in use eg version numbers and settings.
  7. portables often formatted in fat32 (mac/windows compatibility)?
  8. Heat can be an issue .. I have overclocked i5 2500k which runs hot, and I was finding occasional network droputs etc. I finally figured out the heat was spreading around and when the motherboard NIC got hot enough it would cut out. fairly randomly. It was solved when I got better case ventilation. Not obvious at all. G1610T
  9. Can rescue disks under Linux ie Ubuntu by using a LIVECD and reading the disks that way .. A good way to transition to VM also I think , with a fair bit of Disk juggling.
  10. Plex pass .. ie pay money for subscription, possibly?
  11. As an addition to this, and talking about a home user not hosting critical data Mulling over doing the same thing (HDW to VM) I was proposing buying a new disk (large) removing existing dataful disks. So bare machine , then install esxi, install xpenology on new disk. Then use a EXT4 reader (software), on a windows machine, to read my existing disks and transfer to newly installed VM or re-introduce my old disks back into the system (not sure this would work) It would be nice to have a software to read the disks under Windows anyway, if anyone can recommend?
  12. I dont expect any quicker than the speeds you quoted as I am using disks as Jbod so will be getting std speed of a single disk drive +/- some buffering. Storagereview does show ds214 getting 100Mb+ speeds under iscsi, maybe ???
  13. That all sounds about right .. wd greens are quite slow drives and unless you have them in raid0, 60-70 is max really for those drives. Do not fret yourself. Raid 1 might help with read speeds, and I think is syn SHR is "like" raid1.
  14. You cannot boot from the microsd AFAIK . ALso I'm not sure that WOL works . I use the B120I raid card to control the disks as JBOD, same in xpenology as this allows the FAN to slow to silent. I have mine set for (CPU) performance profile as it never really gets stressed, and in silent mode it was slow to respond. I installled from usb and just leave it in all the time, powers up and down and reboots no problem. I have installed to "bare metal" rather than hypervisor (esxi) and do not use ILO. I did a full disk scan on first use which can take many hours.
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