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  1. Hi guys, running DSM 6.2.2 U6 and tried to use this patch, but no luck. Patch is applied but as soon as i try to play movie on TV it bounces back to wrong SN. Tried several SN for 3615xs. What else can we test? Thansk.
  2. Mine took aprox 5 minutes stuck at Starting services. After that started working
  3. Asus H87I-PLUS support 6 sata drives.
  4. Try re-installing the app related to those daemons. - Tried but log is the same (also tried with new DSM installation with same packages on test HDD - same result). Event that it says the service was killed, i can see services running Simply ignore it if you're not using sound devices. - currently not using It's related to DSM that I can't fix:( - realy annoying i also found another records: [ 294.342072] PkgSynoMan.cgi[22569]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000008060618 sp 00000000fff40080 error 6 [ 296.768997] storagehandler.[22579]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000809e298 sp 00000000ff9e0810 erro
  5. Hi gnoboot. After successful migration from 5.0 beta to gnoboot-alpha-10.3 5.0-4458 i opened SSH and run dmesg. There are some strange things that i can not understand and resolve. [ 22.918199] findhostd uses obsolete (PF_INET,SOCK_PACKET) [ 24.282063] init: synoindexd main process (22733) killed by USR2 signal [ 24.282079] init: synoindexd main process ended, respawning [ 24.821009] init: synoindexd main process (24938) killed by HUP signal [ 24.821024] init: synoindexd main process ended, respawning [ 24.833093] init: synomkthumbd main process (20118) killed by HUP signal
  6. Installed today and its working very smooth Thanks gnoboot for this great stuff
  7. Hi guys, For me this version is working perfect on my system. USB, UPS, Network, WOL, HDD hibernation works.. Great job!
  8. Volume was during reboot still there, because i was testing synology apps and also restarted machine during this time. But today i started machine from shutdown and volume is gone... What can we do to bring our discs and volumes back?
  9. Hi, i can share my experience with 4.3. I am running intel board D945GCLF2 with Atom 330 and trantor's repack 4.2 working like charm. On another testboard (same as primary) tried first installed 4.2, then created volume1, everything works. Then i installed 4.3, and like others reporting, disk and usb stick are gone. But volume1 is steel there and i am able to write on it, install packages. Some more logs from console: DiskStation> cat /proc/partitions major minor #blocks name 8 0 78150744 sda 8 1 2490240 sda1 8 2 2097152 sda2 8 3
  10. Hi Can you try with this 3211 x64: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=907&p=4197#p4197 and report back if everything is working? thnx
  11. Hi gerbenz, Just tried on Atom 330 D945GCLF2 and its working like charm SATA, USB, reboot, shutdown...actualy works where didi u get source files and stuff? tnx man
  12. @interested Does onboard LAN working? Shutdown,WOL, USB works OK ?
  13. Hi guys, i'm interested in building xpenology on hardware based on 1150 with intel i5 4570T (35W TDP). But i have problem with choosing motherboard (ITX). I was looking at MSI Z87I, ASUS H87I-PLUS or Asrock Z87E-ITX (which is quite expensive). MSI have dual lan with realtek RTL8111E but only 4 SATA ports, Asus have 1x Intel® I217 network card and 6 SATA ports. Does anybody know how is it with drivers for these motherboards in DSM 4.2, especial network cards. Any recommendations which one to choose?
  14. Hi, I'm also interested in this release of DSM. Is it posible to get files? TNX M