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  1. Will it boot to the USB if you have no hard drives installed? Normally XPE has no boot partition on hard drives so it can't boot from them. If you have an existing OS on the hard drives it may detect and run that. If it will boot XPE with no hard drives installed, try wiping the drive you want to use and then reinstall it and boot. According to the screen shot in your first post, the USB is detected as a boot device so it "should" move on to the next boot device till a boot is successful.
  2. You're not wrong of course, but hardware continues to improve and new features are no longer compatible. Since my 10th gen i3 wont work (plex transcoding, etc) I had to buy older stuff to get my desired outcome (4c/8t). That used i7-7700 and an older motherboard cost more than the i3-10100 and motherboard and it's technically slower. I've been using Xpenology since 5.x, I use it instead of something like Unraid or OpenMediaVault because I have official Synology units and love the ecosystem. Folks like IG88 and others have done standout work getting us compatibility drivers for newe
  3. Not sure what 7.0 will give us aside from some minor updates aesthetically and functionally. DSM 7 for my 1621+ still is only on kernel 4.4.180. To be able to use XPE 918+ with more current hardware we're going to need a newer kernel.
  4. I have read on the web that the 10th gen and newer have different firmware from 9series and earlier, and that might be part of the problem.
  5. Definitely have u3 installed (but tried manually installing the baseline 6.2.3 and subsequent updates by blocking internet, then using one of the earlier mod drivers from the first post, same outcome). A fresh install of XPE automatically downloads/updates 6.2.3u3. (although I think I was getting 6.2.4 from install at one point this morning as the system would fail to boot on first reboot, I went through about 10 reinstalls before I just started with the 6.2.3 pat from Synology and let it update to u3 on its own.) The good news is I can recover the system easily by installing a dis
  6. I went out and bought a i3-10100 because it was reported to work on 918+ for transcoding Plex. Unfortunately i cannot get it to work at all. Steps I've done: 1. installed 918+ using the 1.04b loader and 13.3 driver file (because I have a 8125 2.5 GB nic.) Install goes off without a hitch, works perfectly. 2. I downloaded the most recent update to the i915.ko file "918plusdsm623u3i915mod2_1" 3. Extracted it, copied over an folder share then to /usr/lib/modules/. I give it the same properties as all the other .ko files (644) and changed ownership of it to r
  7. So the CPU power stuff does work (bios setting) but the mod 2_1 driver is a hang on reboot after renaming/deleting the old i915.ko and copying over the new. I ran Passmark on it and it performs in between the 10700 HT ON and 9700K which is an 8C/8T chip
  8. I may have the cpu clock issue fixed, will try tonight to see if it works. Only thing left is the i915 driver issue.
  9. Are you trying to use it as cache (918+) or storage? Xpenology does not support M.2 NVME devices, only M.2 SATA
  10. You're right, i should have typed M.2 not nvme. My motherboard does not take away a normal SATA port when I have a M.2 Sata device installed.
  11. If your motherboard supports SATA nvme SSDs those will work however as they show up as normal SATA devices.
  12. The network thing is cosmetic nothing more, not a priority. Regarding the iGPU, I stand ready to test whatever you need. The device is 9BC5, but you already knew that as I read your additional compiled modules thread. That thread you posted, I already commented in that it did not work. With the script running it only runs at full speed. Unfortunately that left me at 800mhz or full speed which does not mean full load, but it still caused it to use power and therefore create additional heat. I think the kernel lacks support for the 10th gen CPUs but I am not sure what else can be use
  13. I was able to get the 918+ build working with the 8125b as your addon driver does work for it, the lack of transcoding is where I stopped however. I would be willing to conduct any testing you'd like to try to get the iGPU working for transcoding. The system is in pieces at the moment and I have not done any data loading on it, so nothing is wasted or lost on my end. I also have a SATA M.2 disk for quick and easy testing of re-installs. Issues unresolved for a 918+ Build: 8125b and 219v are detected opposite in XPenology than they are in any other OS. Typically the 8125b is N
  14. So I failed to do my research and bought "too new" of a cpu to use as an Xpenology system. So I thought maybe not all is lost and can still make effective use of it. Virtualizing Xpenology and a linux VM Does anyone think I is possible to use ESXI as a host and then virtualize XPE and then whatever else I need? The board is an ASRock Z490M ITX that has both an RTL8125b and I219v. Splitting the 2.5gb off to the Xpe install and saving the 219v for the other VM(s). I would like to try to passthrough the intel gpu (i've seen it done on the internet) but, I am u
  15. Is this going to get you a chance to see if the 8125b drivers will compile for the 3617xs? If so, I am standing by to test as needed.
  16. in the xxx.vbox file you'll see the settings.. <VirtualBox xmlns="" version="1.17-linux"> <Machine uuid="{xxx}" name="DietPi" OSType="Debian_64" snapshotFolder="Snapshots" lastStateChange="2021-01-19T00:59:58Z"> <MediaRegistry> <HardDisks> <HardDisk uuid="{xxx}" location="Clone-disk001.vmdk" format="VMDK" type="Normal"/> </HardDisks> </MediaRegistry> <Hardware> <CPU count="4"> <PAE enabled="false"/> <NestedHWVirt enabled="true"/>
  17. Is there any way I can help with this for the 3617? The driver source is "supposed" to work with 2.6 and above. 918 will work but it has issues: No cpu governor, even using the scalar script. I either get 800mhz or 8 core turbo, no in between. CPU support locked to 8c/8t
  18. I am unable to get this to work on a 10th gen i7-10700. I get the task to run but it only puts the cpu at full turbo speed. With these newer cpus, there are 4-5 different settings in bios regarding speedstep, speedshift etc. Do I need to disable anything?
  19. Sure, not an issue i have spare SSDs I can install whichever versions you need. Im hoping for the 3617 as I have 8c/16t cpu Edit: While I'd probably not use transcoding (my Synology 1621+ can do 3 1080p streams on its own) I can still help test.
  20. My 8125 isnt getting an IP address. It is loading and detecting the onboard 2.5G I think, but I see the following bits in dmesg 1.03b on 3617XS with 11.2 driver extra.lzma [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125 2.5Gigabit Ethernet driver 9.002.02-NAPI loaded [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] unknown chip version (64000000) [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125 0000:02:00.0: irq 141 for MSI/MSI-X [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125: This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US6,570,884, US6,115,776, and US6,327,625. [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125 Copyright (C) 2019
  21. Older kernels don't always report turbo speeds properly. BSD works in some of the same way. You sometimes see at least 3 frequencies: Base: ex 800mhz Peak: ex 2500mhz Turbo: ex 2501 You could have many frequencies between 800 and 2500mhz, but 2501 would signify that the cpu is in turbo mode.
  22. Does anyone have an Xpenology host running VMM guests with Intel 10th gen CPUs? I'm looking to update my Skylake to something newer and wanted to make sure than VMs will still work. I was going to go AMD as I have a spare 2700X and motherboard laying around but AMD and VMM don't fly. I am looking at an i7-10700(k) series. Another concern is speedstep with the newer systems. Is it working still?
  23. Do we know if the LSI 3108 is good with this yet? I have a Dell PERC H730P which is based on that controller that has a HBA mode. It is not seen by the driver. Do you need hardware IDs to make it work?
  24. I have a Dell PowerEdge T330 with a Perc H730P connected to an 8 bay backplane that works great in Debian and Windows environments. However I am falling flat getting XPenology to work. I think its the H730P causing issues, but I have tried every permutation of 6.1/6.2 with added driver files. I can install any version of XPE, and update. I can build a 5 disk Raid 5 raid group, but as soon as I attempt to create a volume on it, I lose access to the web interface and SSH. The server does respond to pings however.. There is no activity on the drives and rebooting the system I have no network acce