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  1. Mine sits at 40+ all the time even though lm-sensors reports low 30s.
  2. The HP360T is a great card, you can still make it work.. 2 options... 1. Modify the slot with an exacto-knife or 2. Buy this:
  3. I built a new nas using a SuperMicro C7B250-CB-ML w/i7-7700/32gb ram. I added an old Intel 1000PT and it's working just fine on 918+ 7.0.1. I run one docker (Tautulli) and 1 VM (Valheim Server using debian). I did have to install opkg (lmsensor support) via command line, but otherwise, it's working great.
  4. Will it boot to the USB if you have no hard drives installed? Normally XPE has no boot partition on hard drives so it can't boot from them. If you have an existing OS on the hard drives it may detect and run that. If it will boot XPE with no hard drives installed, try wiping the drive you want to use and then reinstall it and boot. According to the screen shot in your first post, the USB is detected as a boot device so it "should" move on to the next boot device till a boot is successful.
  5. You're not wrong of course, but hardware continues to improve and new features are no longer compatible. Since my 10th gen i3 wont work (plex transcoding, etc) I had to buy older stuff to get my desired outcome (4c/8t). That used i7-7700 and an older motherboard cost more than the i3-10100 and motherboard and it's technically slower. I've been using Xpenology since 5.x, I use it instead of something like Unraid or OpenMediaVault because I have official Synology units and love the ecosystem. Folks like IG88 and others have done standout work getting us compatibility drivers for newe
  6. Not sure what 7.0 will give us aside from some minor updates aesthetically and functionally. DSM 7 for my 1621+ still is only on kernel 4.4.180. To be able to use XPE 918+ with more current hardware we're going to need a newer kernel.
  7. I have read on the web that the 10th gen and newer have different firmware from 9series and earlier, and that might be part of the problem.
  8. Definitely have u3 installed (but tried manually installing the baseline 6.2.3 and subsequent updates by blocking internet, then using one of the earlier mod drivers from the first post, same outcome). A fresh install of XPE automatically downloads/updates 6.2.3u3. (although I think I was getting 6.2.4 from install at one point this morning as the system would fail to boot on first reboot, I went through about 10 reinstalls before I just started with the 6.2.3 pat from Synology and let it update to u3 on its own.) The good news is I can recover the system easily by installing a dis
  9. I went out and bought a i3-10100 because it was reported to work on 918+ for transcoding Plex. Unfortunately i cannot get it to work at all. Steps I've done: 1. installed 918+ using the 1.04b loader and 13.3 driver file (because I have a 8125 2.5 GB nic.) Install goes off without a hitch, works perfectly. 2. I downloaded the most recent update to the i915.ko file "918plusdsm623u3i915mod2_1" 3. Extracted it, copied over an folder share then to /usr/lib/modules/. I give it the same properties as all the other .ko files (644) and changed ownership of it to r
  10. So the CPU power stuff does work (bios setting) but the mod 2_1 driver is a hang on reboot after renaming/deleting the old i915.ko and copying over the new. I ran Passmark on it and it performs in between the 10700 HT ON and 9700K which is an 8C/8T chip
  11. I may have the cpu clock issue fixed, will try tonight to see if it works. Only thing left is the i915 driver issue.
  12. Are you trying to use it as cache (918+) or storage? Xpenology does not support M.2 NVME devices, only M.2 SATA
  13. You're right, i should have typed M.2 not nvme. My motherboard does not take away a normal SATA port when I have a M.2 Sata device installed.
  14. If your motherboard supports SATA nvme SSDs those will work however as they show up as normal SATA devices.