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  1. My GTX 1650 Super has 4gb of DDR6 and works fine on DVA3221
  2. Just wanted to post an update that my server built on an i7-10700, 32gb, GTX1650 is working magnificently with 7.1-u4.
  3. Unfortunately no support for DVA3221 yet on those repos, or any recent 7.1.0 builds for that matter. I think it's because none of the drivers are put where they need to be? There is no button.ko in /lib/modules Edit: a W10 guest will shutdown fine, so it looks like it might be a linux issue, not DSM. Edit: It's a dietpi issue.. fix https://dietpi.com/forum/t/qemu-guest-agent-shutdown/5898/6
  4. Is there any chance in getting the acpid driver to properly shut down VMs? If I build a vm, install qemu-guest-agent I get all features except the ability to shut them down via the gui. It's clickable, but the VM never soft shuts down. I've tried 918+, 3622+, DVA3221 ; doesn't work, and I can't remember if it's ever worked for any DSM 7.x builds. I install the redpill-acpid diver fom pocopico's ext repository without issue.
  5. Not a whole lot. It's a 65w cpu, as is the 10700
  6. I built a DVA3221 system based on an i3-10100 w/ PNY GTX1650 super. Plex works fine with hw encoding. Updated to 7.1.0-42661-u3 without issue. After a week or so of testing, I'll rebuild it in my server case that has an i7-10700 with RTL8125 2.5gbe nics.
  7. I was unable to get a 920+ build to detect hard drives beyond the first one on an H270 based motherboard that has 6 ports after install. Without changing a thing in the bios (drives hotplug enabled) a 918+ build was flawless.
  8. So I'm running into an issue with this. It doesn't detect my 8125 base 2.5gbe and when I use the manual option, it never actually allows me to suggest other modules acpid and 8125 that I definately need. the m.sh script is depreciated so I can't force it.. How do I get past this? Edit: NM I added them manually via rp-loader then ran my.sh.. all good now.
  9. Can this be done from a different computer? My server is headless and is a bit difficult to get a monitor attached. But it's easy to power down the server and boot a laptop to get these postupdates run?
  10. Does this meant we can update to -1 through the control panel?
  11. Is tc ready for upgrading DS3622 to 7.1-final from 7.1-RC, or do I need to just reinstall?
  12. I use a 10th gen i7 8c/16t, I'd like to keep all my cpu threads 😀
  13. Since 3622 doesn't have quicksync capabilities, can one run DVA3221 with a 1650 as a general nas and have plex hardware decoding? I don't need the surveillance features.
  14. Disconnect your internet before installing. The install is downloading updates before reboot.
  15. Are you able to update the acpid driver for support of 3622xs? Currently vms will not shutdown via the vmm or when you reboot or shutdown the box.
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