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  1. Is there any way I can help with this for the 3617? The driver source is "supposed" to work with 2.6 and above. 918 will work but it has issues: No cpu governor, even using the scalar script. I either get 800mhz or 8 core turbo, no in between. CPU support locked to 8c/8t
  2. I am unable to get this to work on a 10th gen i7-10700. I get the task to run but it only puts the cpu at full turbo speed. With these newer cpus, there are 4-5 different settings in bios regarding speedstep, speedshift etc. Do I need to disable anything?
  3. Sure, not an issue i have spare SSDs I can install whichever versions you need. Im hoping for the 3617 as I have 8c/16t cpu Edit: While I'd probably not use transcoding (my Synology 1621+ can do 3 1080p streams on its own) I can still help test.
  4. My 8125 isnt getting an IP address. It is loading and detecting the onboard 2.5G I think, but I see the following bits in dmesg 1.03b on 3617XS with 11.2 driver extra.lzma [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125 2.5Gigabit Ethernet driver 9.002.02-NAPI loaded [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] unknown chip version (64000000) [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125 0000:02:00.0: irq 141 for MSI/MSI-X [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125: This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US6,570,884, US6,115,776, and US6,327,625. [Fri Jan 15 13:11:10 2021] r8125 Copyright (C) 2019
  5. Older kernels don't always report turbo speeds properly. BSD works in some of the same way. You sometimes see at least 3 frequencies: Base: ex 800mhz Peak: ex 2500mhz Turbo: ex 2501 You could have many frequencies between 800 and 2500mhz, but 2501 would signify that the cpu is in turbo mode.
  6. Does anyone have an Xpenology host running VMM guests with Intel 10th gen CPUs? I'm looking to update my Skylake to something newer and wanted to make sure than VMs will still work. I was going to go AMD as I have a spare 2700X and motherboard laying around but AMD and VMM don't fly. I am looking at an i7-10700(k) series. Another concern is speedstep with the newer systems. Is it working still?
  7. Do we know if the LSI 3108 is good with this yet? I have a Dell PERC H730P which is based on that controller that has a HBA mode. It is not seen by the driver. Do you need hardware IDs to make it work?
  8. I have a Dell PowerEdge T330 with a Perc H730P connected to an 8 bay backplane that works great in Debian and Windows environments. However I am falling flat getting XPenology to work. I think its the H730P causing issues, but I have tried every permutation of 6.1/6.2 with added driver files. I can install any version of XPE, and update. I can build a 5 disk Raid 5 raid group, but as soon as I attempt to create a volume on it, I lose access to the web interface and SSH. The server does respond to pings however.. There is no activity on the drives and rebooting the system I have no network acce
  9. Since i've confirmed that mvsas works with the Rocket/RocketRaid cards you could go for one of these: Specifically the Rocket 2720. 8 Port SATA/SAS card that does not have the raid function. Relatively inexpensive, and blazing fast.
  10. I just want to say that there is a driver in the current XPEnoboot called mvsas which does seem to work ok with this card. Normally we want a rr27x0_XX.ko driver as the mvsas has had trouble with losing communication with drives in the past. I am uncertain if this problem still exists.
  11. Now that I've been a user of XPEnology for a while now, I've wondered why we don't have a subforum dedicated to working systems that users have made. Obviously the HP54/40 Microserver series are a big hit, but there are other very basic servers that work with XPEnology right out of the box. Take my Dell PowerEdge T20 for example. a cheap but very stable platform that has alot of room to grow. Also the forum could help keep track of what does/does not work out of the box. Trantor does a ton of work integrating drivers for SATA/SAS/NIC that somebody could help maintain a list for him. I do a
  12. I've searched the forums and have not been able to see if the HighPoint RocketRaid 27x0 series is supported yet. They all use the Marvell 9485 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s chip. Typically on Linux I've had to build a driver for it, but wondering if it can be added to future versions of XPEnoboot. I personally don't need it yet, but once I outgrow the 4 onboard sata ports of my Dell PowerEdge T20 that is my planned card. ... ration.htm
  13. Before the upgrade to DSM 5.1 I ran my Xpenology build off of a 32g SSD following this guide: ... SB-or-ESXi But the creater of that thread said he wasn't going to update it to work with 5.1. I am sure it is possible to make some changes to make it work, but it is beyond my Linux knowledge